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Add the Maroon Mop weapon into Gachapon

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There's a level 36 polearm novelty-weapon for beginners called the Maroon Mop.
Can you guys please stick it in the gachapon or philo books or marvel, or literally any of those "random reward" type deals with novelty items? I've been asking for a few years now but I don't think i've been noticed :p

It would be a nice little treat for collectors and for people trying to get the Maple Achievement of reaching level 200 on a beginner.

Also if you google maroon mop you'll find 10+ years worth of threads on other fansites like basilmarket looking for this item. A lot of people want or at least wanted this, not just me!

And I see no downside to adding it into the game since similar items such as ITCG items and novelty items have been released in such a manner.