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Pre-registration Gift Boxes disappeared?

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edited June 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Use Item, (unknown category)

Brief bug summary: I logged into my account and checked Gift Drop and the remaining Adventure Pre-registration Pet Box and Adventure Pre-registration Rare Item Box that I had not yet claimed have disappeared. The 2X Drop Rate Coupons that were gifted to players as compensation for the expiration issue with the 2X Drop Rate Coupons that could be redeemed by opening the Sengoku Revamp Celebration Box inadvertently deleted my unclaimed Adventure Pre-registration Pet and Rare Item boxes because of how each coupon was distributed individually instead of in convenient stacks.

More details: I was planning on saving both gift boxes for when Pathfinder finally released, but I had not anticipated that 2X Drop Rate Coupons being issued as compensation would delete the gift boxes.

Steps to reproduce: Unknown

Character name: TastyOranges

Character level: 157

Character job: Night Lord

World name: BROA

Date and time of the incident: June 21, 2019 8:20 PM PDT

EDIT: Actually, once I redeemed most of the 2X Drop Rate Coupons, the Pre-registration gift boxes reappeared. It seems that the Gift Drop can ONLY display five pages of items at a time. I had to re-log a few times for the gift boxes to reappear. Never mind :D


  • FoxGodFoxGod
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    I had the same issue today but boxes are still missing, actually after the 6th relog it all returned to me >.>