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Buying NX doesn't work

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edited July 2019 in Account Billing Support
I am trying to buy nx from your website and get stuck in an endless loading screen. Please fix this. I posted some of the link below. It is really sad to see that you're billing site doesn't work on one of the days that people spend the most (DMT). Good day...



  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited July 2019
    Disable adblock.
  • TrashcantTrashcant
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    AKradian wrote: »
    Disable adblock.
    How would that help?
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Trashcant wrote: »
    How would that help?

    Adblocks can sometimes conflict with certain websites, especially sites that use scripts. The Nexon purchase page is a website affected by Adblockers.
    As a side-note, there are no ads on the purchase page to begin with, so adding the page to your whitelist will not bombard you with screen clutter or anything of the sort.