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Not done with video making. But...

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Hello All,

You have likely noticed that no new video's have appeared on my channel recently. This is due to a few reasons:

1.) Technical issues: I need to clear out a lot of unnecessary storage in both my gaming pc and the external hard drive. I tried to keep making new video's but the lag became more than impossible (if you have been following the Journey from Lvl 205 to Lvl 250 in pensalir series (May change title due to level cap being raised to 275? Did that happen?) This has also effected my ability to upload new video's. My plan is to declutter the computer and minimize how much storage is used for video files so this does not happen in the future. The storage, as many of you likely know (I did not until my computer crash of 2016), has also effected my ability to upload videos (half of the videos I last tried to upload apparently failed to upload, they should have continued showing up until June... sorry).

2.) Time issue: Between Graduate School, new found poverty, training, and an internship (found before poverty became a serious fear), I have lost all time that I would normally use for gaming (but I am not giving up).

3.) Variety issue: I am trying to get a small group of people who could help me provide more variety of videos. The good news is that I found at least one more person. Hopefully, I can get a small team of seven, myself included in the seven, to prevent such inconsistency. Multiple games will likely begin making a stronger presence on the channel, but I intend to keep MapleStory as the main game for the channel (though it may be a few months before I can return to covering more of the series and make other MapleStory video's).

Now, the good news. As I said somewhere above, I found one other person who can make videos for the channel. He is doing a wide variety of games so there may be some interest on your end. Currently, he just completed all 17 missions of Star Wars Battel Front II (2005 edition) and he plans to post the raw, unedited mission clips on the channel in both his personal playlist and the games soon to be created playlist. He may even make a MapleStory video himself.

Also, @DarkPassenger, do you still want to collaborate in Windia? If so, please let me know.