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Buff/Fix Teleport skills

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Even though I suspect GMS has no power over anything that exists in kms, maybe there is hope with the upcoming jett flash jump improvements.

Please make all teleport skills CLIENT sided. The game feels very clunky and unfun when you press your mobility skill and there is a large noticable delay before it actually activates. The current server sided TPs also sometimes make jump-teleport combos fail because although you were in range on your end by the time the server checks you are not anymore.

You might also consider making teleports longer range. Basically I am saying that kanna's tp is the current best and the others are very lacking by comparison.


  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    -cough- Buff Lumi Teleport -cough- seriously. Please.
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    side effects of bot prevention
    in other hand
    stress the server with more load that returns to us as even more lag

    i wonder if they make full game on server if it gets better so we can run only client to log
    like the new trend many companys that are trying to run on server all the things while you at home on simple device with network
    but nexon will need to buy better servers