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So I Can't Use My Credit Card Anymore? Come On!

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edited August 2019 in Account Billing Support
My very last NX purchase was on 1/25/2019. Sometimes I used to buy 20,000 NX When I could, that's all I can afford/I don't make enough cash. Thankfully Christmas time came around and everything I got that year was a Karma Koin gift card. The gift cards totaled to 90,000 NX (I love my family). I asked my discord what I should do with it. They said I should save it so I did. I was able to still use my credit card to make small purchases for MapleStory items like Miracle cubes or Surprise boxes But when it came to the time to spend all the gift card NX things have started going downhill. Straight after I bought Three sets and two singles of Philosopher's books from MapleStory I have been Restricted from purchasing NX credit. It might have to do with the way I bought the Philosopher's books. When I buy special loot boxes I buy and open one set at a time because I think that it makes my luck stronger but that's a superstition. The rewards weren't even even worth the 90,000 NX, Throw me a bone... (This was back in 2/23/2019) I only saved the cards for 3 months and I'm still having this issue today on 8/3/2019, I've had to deal with this for 6 months now and that's longer than I've saved the NX so something is wrong here. The Request I sent was ignored by Nexon billing services, they said they can't do anything about it. (I can't do anything about it ether). Nobody can do anything about it...

So I Can't Use My Credit Card Anymore? That's kinda mean of you.