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[SKILL] Dark knight Gungnir in Immortal Gorgon

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edited August 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: skill related

Brief bug summary: Gungnir descent's cooldown is not ignored/reset by Sacrifice and Final pact effects

More details: Gungnir descent is Dark knight's main attacking skill. It has a 8s cooldown that gets reset / does not get applied if either Sacrifice or Final pact (or both) is active. While fighting in Immortal Gorgon event, however, the cooldown ignore effect does not apply properly, neither upon casting skills nor while having them active. As a result, Dark knight characters cannot fight in optimal (normal) conditions and their performance in the event is severely hindered.

Steps to reproduce: Enter Immortal Gorgon event as a Dark knight, summon Evil eye, use Sacrifice, then try attacking with Gungnir descent. The skill will not be available for use more than once, whereas it should be available continuously throughout all the duration of Sacrifice.

Character name: Lore

Character level: 243

Character job: Dark knight

World name: Luna

P.S. I sent a ticket about it with a recording of the bug attached to it, I won't post it here as it is not uploaded anywhere.
P.P.S. possibly work on this before the event is over (august 21st).