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Lotus Ball Attack - ticks more often than intended

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Bug type: Gameplay / boss fight (lotus)
Brief bug summary:
Background: In the boss fight with lotus there is a skill where he will summon a large ball of energy (blue in 2nd phase, orange in 3rd phase). This ball will bounce around the room and deal damage when it passes through a player. The damage dealt is roughly 40% of hp.

Bug: Sometimes a "bugged" ball will spawn that hits many times when passing through a player instead of only once. This causes the player to instantly die when they should not.

Steps to reproduce: Fight lotus, get hit by the giant ball attack that bounces around the map if the bug occurs you will die nearly instantly from ONLY the ball attack [this should not happen]. It's not always bugged so you may need to try many times.

Character name: Kyanashiro

Character level: 237

Character job: Kanna - but this bug applies to ALL jobs

World name: Bellocan

Date and time of the incident: We ran sometime between 9-9:30 pm eastern August 21, 2019


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    Bug occurred in our run again today to