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NPC Ridley in Crimsonwood

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edited September 2019 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
As you know, since Masteria revamp, Crimsonwood Keep has been unaccessible.
NPC Ridley was changed and relocated to Crimsonheart Castle.
New Ridley does not allow us to perform old Ridley's exchange quest (need a Ridley's stone), which means items such as "Spider Venom Earrings" are unobtainable. Especially for people like me who come from Maple Europe, these items did not exist in our server, and they are totally impossible to get in any way.
A possible solution would be:
- give new Ridley the ability to perform old exchange quest, or
- move old Ridley to a Crimsonwood Keep map, such as Upper Ascent (the furthest map reachable), to keep it as loyal as possible to what it used to be.
(not even worth mentioning, best idea would be re-enabling the Keep and CWKPQ, as was promised years ago...)