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[Item]Fishing daily quest reset ticket not working

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edited September 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: item functionality ("Spirit Fishin' Hole Daily Quest Reset Ticket", "Dreamy Fishin' Hole Daily Quest Reset Ticket", "Deep Fishin' Hole Daily Quest Reset Ticket")

Brief summary: said items do not work when you double-click them

More details: fishing daily quest are necessary to get ingredients, and when you finish them you get access to the following area along with a reset ticket for the area you just completed. Using the ticket results in a chat window saying you have to complete the final area quest before using the reset ticket, however all quests have already been cleared. The last area reset ticket doesn't even get rewarded (probably unintended too).

Steps to reproduce: complete a fishing area questline and try using the reset ticket.

Character: Lore, 245 Dark knight, Luna server