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Maplestory resumes

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So I spoke to a fellow veteran mapler and was showing him how to make a resume. Now he said to me "Riza wouldn't it be awesome if all maplers had a resume kinda like yours" and thought wow you know why not post a thread about it. now this thread I want you to think long and hard and think just think what would be your Maplestory resume. What would you put down? Please use this one I'm posting as a template and people please be creative. This thread will be fun and hope to see some awesome maple story resumes. Remember this is a judge free zone so let the resume making begin!!!!!!!

The Greatest
Greatest Town, LA 11111 • (111) 111-1111 • TheGreatest@gmail.com

Greatest School, The Best, Los Angeles
Diploma in Being Awesome Studies Projected May 2019
Minor in Ego
• The Greatest award, Awesomeness League of students 2018-2019
• Leadership Awards for MapleStory Community
• Being Amazing Scholarship
Key Classes
Being Amazing Courses
Discord Trolling Course

Maple Fest, Like Hood, LA
Degree in Being #1, GPA: 4.0 May 2019
• Manages time and events effectively; highly organized and pays attention to detail
• Excellent communication and player skills
• Uses improvisation at work to motivate players
• Highly trustworthy and reliable; has strong leadership skills
• Bilingual in English and Awesome
• Proficiency in Fm and Auction House
• Management experience
• Former ms2 vfm candidate

Maple Fest, Like Hood, LA 05/2019-Present
Vendor for Maple Fest, Like Hood, LA
• Sold Plushies
• Maple Cards

Maple Fest, Like Hood, LA 05/2019-Present
• Talk Amazing things
• Did Discord Powerpoints and Massive amount of memes and emotes

Maple Fest, Like Hood, LA 05/2018/2019
• Carry Nubs on raids
• Give gear to Nubs
• Mapler of the month 04/2019

Maple Fest, Like Hood, LA 05/2019-Present
Leader of Dragontribe
• Lead The Dragon Pack
• Train soon to be leaders
• Managed account information; assisted customers with translations from English to Awesome
• Help pave the way for new maplers to come

Greatest Town, LA 11111
Leader of Dragontribe 05/2019-Present
Voice of the Voiceless 05/2019-Present
Malcolm X of Maple 05/2019-Present
Modern Day Katy Perry 05/2019-Present
New Face of Maple 05/2019-Present
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