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Maint. time

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I know there won't be a known answer for this but...What is with the Maint. time change? The time that it starts is when it usually ends.


  • HHG1HHG1
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    I'm guessing so that the new events starting with the patch will have a full first day instead of just a couple of hours before reset like in previous updates.
    That or it just happened to be a more convenient timeslot for Nexon this one time.
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Usual Major MS update maint schedule is
    1. 4-5 hours of scheduled maint
    2. Maint extended to 5-6 hours
    3. Game goes online for 30 minutes before unscheduled maint for 2-3 hours
    4. Couple more unscheduled maint here and there