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Pretty sure i havent played this game in a year

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so i know that pathfinder came out and now ho young is coming soon too, what exactly did i miss pertaining to reboot? should i ever decide to reinstall, i want to be prepared at least


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Suicide kanna may be ban-worthy now. Though from the way Ghiblee's been talking, it seem like not only were they only pegging people who were dying numerous times in a very short period, but they've also stopped actively tracking that for autobans.

    Don't worry though, you'll have a dozen people in here throwing memes around in short order.

    Other than that you haven't really missed much. There's a tera burn on right now(and breakthrough, details) so you can 1-200 any link/legion fodder you don't have yet.