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Unreasonable reasonable things

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1. Fury Totems
Wow, this was a great idea except for 2 things. Why are they limited to 15 per month and only last 2 hours from opening rather than 2 hours of use?
2. AFK Mobs
This was a good idea I guess, up until chairs were released that put your character too high up for the afk mob to hit. They now serve no purpose other than annoying people playing the game.
3. Reward Points expiring
Why? And why can you only get 1 Water of Life per month?
4. Can't skip any cutscenes
Why? There are plenty of people that care about the story and are interested in what's goin on in the game. There are also plenty of people that dread having to sit through really long cutscenes that they could have gone their entire life without ever seeing and be fine.


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    1. Okay sure.
    2. They're honestly fine except in some situations.
    3. Reward points expiring is kinda BS. 1 Water of Life is good enough for the most part. That's up to three pets on rotation.
    4. WATCH THE STORY REEEEEEEEE. But in all seriousness, cutscenes you have already seen once should be given the option to be skipped.