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New premium nx box

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edited December 2019 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
So clearly the nx item request thread is too big to accommodate everyone, I've even been asking for the return of a nx item from 2005 to come back since 2014 and still haven't had success...

So why not create a new premium nx box that is a limited time release, or limited to x purchases a month, where you can choose what item you receive, for like 10k nx or something more substantial than the 3.4k it costs for rng.

This would accommodate all the different nx requests that Nexon is clearly unable to accommodate for as of now, would provide for better game satisfaction by receiving nx items people actually want, and by making it a limited time release once every X months, wouldn't compromise the random premium boxes sales outside of that time frame.

I feel like limited releases of nx items through RNG ONLY is missing out on sales from people less willing to take that chance, but instead would pay a premium to get what they actually want. Best of both worlds or no? Thoughts?