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Can't clear or skip Convergence quest

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edited December 2019 in Bug Reporting

Bug type: Quest, Collision

Summary: On stage 2 of the Convergence quest, there is a gap that cannot be crossed without skills. I already posted about this in the Feedback section. (I am including the Collision category because I cannot touch that platform.)

More details: Even though I've already completed the Convergence quest line with another character, I cannot skip it with this one, because I already started the quest, and the game will not let me forfeit the quest. Could you please allow me to forfeit and skip the quest line, or provide a way to reach the other side of that gap?

Steps to reproduce: Try to make it through that map without using any movement skills.

Character name: CursedApple
Character level: 231
Character job: Beginner
World name: Elysium
Date and time of incident: December 3, 10:56 p.m. EST


    Reactions: 1,380
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    edited January 2020
    I should have mentioned the name of the specific quest, it's "[Convergence] The Black Mage's Plan".