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Megasuggestion list (Masteria/Events/Marvel/misc)

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I tried to file a list of possible suggestions that I'd love to see in game.
Feel free to comment, criticize, add, support!

1. Masteria content

The new update was supposed to offer a good alternative to currently available items. However, the way they work makes them completely useless, especially considering the effort it takes to keep up with daily quests. Also, the revamp took away a cool feature that was the Exchange quest.
Some of these ideas are taken from other people, some are mine. Here's what I would like to propose:
- revamp the Star Force system around the new accessories, which can happen in many ways:
--- remove the coin cost
--- coins could be an "extra" cost to make every enhancement 100% success rate at least up to 17 or 20 stars
--- coins could be an "extra" cost to nullify the chance of destruction
--- coins could be an "extra" cost to get significantly better stats upon enhancement at our own risk (I would love to see this)
--- any of these options combined, even with higher coin cost. The point is having items that are enhanceable normally, but farming coins would still be useful as they would be a significant help to the enhancement system
- turn the daily quests into weekly quests while possibly keeping the same (or close to) amount of coins rewarded, kind of like DWT/Scrapyard
- re-introduce an Exchange quest, maybe with different rewards, maybe including the coins and other items
- re-introduce, maybe within Exchange quest at a low rate, some items that are gone from the game (Spider Venom Earrings to stick with CWK items, other items such as CWKPQ rewards - examples: Stormshear, Sswis Cheese, White Seal Cushion - or, extensively, Amoria PQ rewards - earrings, capes, Onyx Apples)

2. Mash-up events

I liked this idea that took place in two occasions, that is, with the PQ shop during Squadron of Heroes update (the shop temporarily hosted brand new and old event-related items such as chairs and mounts) and with the soon-to-come Extravagameza events. I was however quite disappointed with the variety of items available in the Extravagameza coin shop (most of the available items come from events that were too recent, unpopular or already played multiple times, such as the MMF items, Portrait chair, Xylophone chair, Divine Intelligence event and rewards). I would like to see more of these event shops, with a mix of previously available items that are now quite long gone, such as Arcane River related items (Chu Chu Island chair, Arcana Tree chair, Chu Chu Whale mount just as examples) or events like Growing Gold / its rewards (Golden Tree chair and medal).

3. Typical GMS events

These past years, I noticed that some USA-related events have been neglected. Coming from EMS, where we had many events of our own, I always enjoyed regional events of this sort. For example I've only had one chance to play Mardi Gras events (2017, hasn't been hosted since), and the Thanksgiving event did not take place last year either. I don't know if there were more events of this sort that I don't know of, obviously if there are I would love to try them out, but speaking for myself I would love for these two to return and I believe they would give the server a little more uniqueness. I proposed these separately from the mash-up suggestion because these are more peculiar, much like their rewards (Parade Car chair, Mardi Gras masks, Roasted Relaxer, Pilgrim items). IfThey would obviously better exist as a part of a mash-up rather than not exist at all, however.

4. Gachapon / Marvel / Philosopher book update

This is probably more relevant concerning Gachapon as it's available at all times and it generally offers significantly worse rewards than the other two.
The list of items obtainable from these gambling systems is full of useless items.
- Gachapon: the ticket cost will not even be paid back in 99% of the situations, as the list includes too many items such as profession-related accessories or Androids that almost nobody looks for anymore. While the concept of gambling means the list cannot include only good items, I believe the rate of these useless items could be lowered, in favour of adding more useful items (examples: good items such as CRA armors / Gollux items / Pink Holy cup which might come out with good additional stats, more variety of old chairs/mounts, scrolls that people can extract or even use (people still use Earring for INT, Glove/Shield for W./M.ATT), collectibles that could cyclically be added to the list such as colored tubes/umbrellas/bandanas/etc., more common 10xNodestones or rare 100xNodestones coupons), and the useless items could be cyclically changed into other useless items (even low level armors, that some people still use as anvilling material). It would also be cool to pull new stamp-collecting events, such as the old Dragon Lord event, or the one that rewarded Tiger Skin chair years ago.
- Marvel / Philosopher book: the list of available items was somewhat good as long as, for example, Tyrants were sellable at a profitable price. This, combined with the removal of the king of jackpots (Frenzy totem) and the complete uselessness of many rewards (especially Empress armors from books, but also speaking of most Androids or useless scrolls which have a super-high rate and fill up the inventory quickly), makes gambling not worth it most times. Marvel is somewhat better for offering NX rewards (cosmetics mostly). I would however suggest to rework the list of rewards, possibly make all (or most) the rewards tradeable (for example, tradeable Evolution scrolls, Incredible Chaos of Goodness scrolls, inventory expansions and such would be much better than selling services), and reintroduce (at least once in a while) the Frenzy totem (its removal discourages most people from spending on Marvel/Philosopher and dramatically incentives illegal trades, since newer people and people who didn't get one no longer have a chance at it).

5. Gender-restricted items anvilling

There are many old and recent suggestions about this by many people. I would like to bring this up again with two options:
- it would be amazing to allow anvilling gender-restricted items by applying the same Gender label of the Appearance item onto the Effective item, so that (for example) anvilling an Awakening Hat for Warrior (Male) on a Royal Warrior Helm would result in a Royal Warrior Helm (Male) that looks like the Awakening Hat
- it would be smart to remove the gender tag from certain items, such as Underpants or Awakening Hats for Warrior (I find it quite weird of them to have a tag) and uncommon items in general, unless they are skirts or slip-overalls or this sort. Gender tags could be kept for low level sets (generally any level 10-110 job-specific armors).

6. Pet Equipment availability

Currently, Cash Shop offers a decent variety of permanent pet equips. However, with the advent of Stat Transfer scrolls and the huge rotation on pets (especially with the Random Pet box that's sometimes available), I believe that ALL the pet equips should be available at all times in the Cash Shop. In particular, pets that come from this box or from Marvel machine or other particular sales will be left with no equips to carry, making the pets useless.


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    I would like to suggest monsters in Moonbridge and higher areas should drop droplets and Symbol selectors.
    We also need a new keyboard layout UI, it's not 2008 anymore.
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    +1 to all suggestions