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Runes are going to be nerfed

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Source: https://orangemushroom.net/2020/02/06/kmst-ver-1-2-098-yam-yam-island-boss-changes/
So Runes are finally going to be updated with 3 new Runes, buffs to 4 existing Runes, and the Rune of Greed removed because it was effectively a measly 6.67%-11.33% Meso boost over 15 minutes.
However, these changes get e-braked by this rude change:
The Liberated Rune’s Strength buff which gives increased experience and each Rune’s special abilities have been separated.
  • Evan’s link skill Rune Persistence will only apply to the Liberated Rune’s Strength.
  • The special abilities of each Rune (not the experience buff) will disappear if you change maps.
What this means is the special abilities duration will no longer be affected by Evan's Link Skill, indirectly nerfing hunting capabilities in the process, and changing maps will now remove the special ability, but not the EXP boost, regardless of the Rune type, i.e. it's not just Rune of Skill and Might's main effects that get dispelled if you leave the map where you activated them, but now also Swiftness, Recovery, Destruction, and Thunder, as well as the 3 new Runes.
Edit: Read the point wrong, Evan Link Skill is still viable for leveling.