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Weir Rule

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I am a player who is returning to the game after several years. In the past week, I've seen some changes I like (asinine Jump Quests have finally been removed as obligatory parts of quest lines) and some stuff I don't like (players are still using Boss party queques simply for transport and abandoning other members of the party).

But now I've fallen victim to a new rule I find really weird. I was grinding yesterday, and as I'm sure many players have done, I paused,grabbed hold of a rope, and tried to toss the junk items I'd accumulated. Only to get this message:
You can't trade items with other players or drop items until 3/9/20 12:33 because you purchased a restricted item with NX credit after charging your NX credit for the first time. You can still use the NPC merchant during this trade restriction.

Say what? I believe the "restricted item" was a Gachipon Ticket, which I used immediately after buying it, and now I can't drop items??

Even if there is a problem with hackers that makes this a valid concern, it causes problems., as there are quite a few quests that require me to drop items (Zakhum comes to mind). You'd think Nexon is actually trying to discourage new players from using the Cash Shop.

But that would be silly, right??


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    This only occurs once the first time you charge NX Credit, and only if you purchase items with special restrictions within the 7-day time frame:
    • Cubes (including cube package)
    • Surprise Style Boxes
    • Scissors of Karma
    • Scrolls
    • Gachapon boxes and other random-item boxes
    • Megaphones and Super Megaphones

    For security reasons, there are restrictions on how NX Credit can be spent. For example, items purchased with NX Credit cannot be sent to friends as gifts. Below you will find specific restrictions for MapleStory.

    Update 4/24/19 - When Nx Credit is purchased for the first time on an account, a 7-day timer is started on the account. If an item with special restrictions is purchased during this timed 7-day period, then a trade block is automatically placed on the account. During this time, no items can be traded or dropped from characters on the account. The trade block will be removed automatically after 7-days have elapsed from the time of the first Nx Credit charge.

    Example: Nx Credit is purchased on Monday. An item is purchased from the Cash Shop on Wednesday. This item cannot be traded until the upcoming Monday, a full 7-days after the Nx Credit was originally purchased.

    You will not receive this message again after the timer has run out.

    However, when purchasing NX, NX Prepaid is typically considered better because it does not have any of the restrictions NX Credit has.
  • BlasterMasterBlasterMaster
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    Well, thanks for the reply.
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    Does it prevent you from dropping the eye to summon zakum? VFMs should forward that to nexon so they can look into possibly whitelisting dropping of specific items.

    The system should not be completely removed (unless determined to be ineffective). It's vital to combat fraud.
  • BlasterMasterBlasterMaster
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    Yes, it does.

    I also cannot drop the "Magical Device" to complete a quest called "Carson's Experiment" (which is mandatory for a quest line), nor can I drop the Piece of Cracked Dimension needed to fight Papulatus.

    Oh, and that Papulatus quest also requires another item, which much like the three I mentioned, I cannot sell or store. Along with some other stuff, these are seriously clogging my inventory, making gameplay rather frustrating.

    Again, all I did was buy one stupid Gachapon Ticket, so why is this game penalizing me for it? Does dropping trash items really cause a hacking risk here?? Security is one thing, but this is beyond ridiculous.

    As for "combat fraud", please. I still see the same problem with botters that i saw here six years ago. They even use the same methods. I report them, by the way. Even if one of them is banned, he'll be back with a new toon in a week. These "security measures" aren't working very well if you ask me.

    Oh, and I did submit a ticket. No reply.
  • ShadEightShadEight
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    This new measure isn't about botting per se, it was meant to clamp down on people creating credit mules via fraudulent chargebacks so that they could cube/gach/scroll/etc essentially for free (or sold en masse for cheap) before the account gets banned.

    Nexon hasn't changed its ways since you left, legits still get penalized for doing the right thing. For future reference, get NX prepaid instead.