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My Adventure Reborn: A New Face in Perion!

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A series of videos exploring the vast lore of MapleStory through the journey of a rising hero, RogSlayer.

This series, tracks my warriors progressions as I attempt to become a mighty Paladin and defeat the many quests and bosses from Henesys to Tenebris and beyond.

I am reinventing the way I play by intentionally slowing the leveling process to complete the quests in each region and discover more about the story behind the game I've always loved!

Reboot GMS


  • DannyGDannyG
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    Hey everyone. I've played with the idea of making maple videos for some time now, and finally decided to make it happen! I spent quite a bit of time making this and am so happy how it turned out. I'm hoping that this series will be able to teach us all a bit more about the game we all love, and provide some entertainment in the process! Thanks again