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Broken late game fun pirate class concept (skills)

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I havent written down all the basic passive ones:

Class Mechanics:
You can choose between attacking with a hammer or a gun
Hammer - > WHEN EQUIPPED: +20% Slowness to enemies/+15% MAX HP/+15% DEF

Gun - > WHEN EQUIPPED: +20% ATT SPEED/+15% CRIT RATE/+10% ATT DMG (it works like a medium speed bow)


-Active skill:
Hammer: Punchs the ground with the hammer and creates a medium range forward hit
Gun: A wide range shot (high crit chance)

-Buff: +20%DMG per 2MINS

-Passive/Active : PET (parrot who gives you +5% all stats and picks up items for 10MIN or should it be permanent??)


-Passive/active: If you kill a mob, you receive a back hammer, the max number of back hammers are 60 aka 60 kills, although you can use them before. If you press the skill button or it reaches 60, even though in gun mode, those hammers will be thrown as a passive.

-Passive: 2 guns, x2 shots

-Active: Parrot now attacks and poisons enemies, working similarly to a family monster.


-Active: SHOUTOUT TO GANGPLANK: You can put barrels all around the map and connect them. (they have a limited range). Hitting them with either hammer or gun, they'll explode.

-Passive: 3 guns, x3 shots

-Active: Throws your hammer holding it with a chain, grabbing enemies back to you (only hammer mode)

-Passive: 2 hammers ( basic attack similar to the beast tamer's bear)

-Active: Gunpowder bomb, explodes with barrels and gives - 30% DEF to affected enemies


-Active: 3 hammers are used to hit enemies that are at your right, left and above you.(Like a + sign without the bottom piece haha sorry i cant find an english word for that) You can spam this skill, using it to mobbing and bossing (hammer mode)

-Active: shooting 4 directions, like an X (up, down, left, right) you get slowed a bit while using this unlimited skill. (its similar to that corsair 5th job shooting skill, or that spinning one from xenon,)

-Active/Passive: (You have to activate it). Your parrot can now make an explosive attack with a medium dmg range every minute.

-Active : You summon 4 of your gang pirates who dont move at all (they stay when you place them) and attack for 5mins.
- the first one throws gunpowder
- the second one uses barrels
- the 3rd uses a hammer
- the 4th uses guns
So they can literally afk farm for you if you have enough dmg

-Buff: 50% DMG reflection

-Buff: If below 20%HP, +120% lifesteal. If not, +50% for 2 mins


-Active: Massive attack, a giant skull screams while shooting with cannons, then a giant hammer strikes in the middle of the map. 2 platforms up range and very wide forward range

-Buff: +5 pirates who can now move (working similarly to a family monster). All melee

-Buff: I think this is too strong: You drink beer, which gives you x2 DMG lines, 100% ignore enemy DEF and -10% crit chance


-Active: A giant ship crashes into the whole map and gives your summoned pirates parrots. +50% DMG per 4MINS

-Active : your 4th job 3h hammer attack now becomes into a 4 hammer attack (down one). 1 extra hammer gives you +50% DEF per 3MINS

-Active: similar to the shooting skill at 4th job. You cant move, and start shooting 100% crit shots, 6 lines of shots to be exact, which can only hit 1 Target, perfect for bossing (although its kinda level here at lvl 200 tho)

If someones has read it, please let me know what you think sincerely, that way I can learn how to create classes

Thank you!