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A solution to sitting! The Chair Collection UI

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There are hundreds of chairs in the game, perhaps thousands. More than can fit in a single character's inventory. And Nexon continues to add more seemingly every other week. Players are forced to choose which chairs they would like on their character and are required to store any others in storage or other characters, making them unavailable if they decide they want to sit on it unless they fetch it from storage. We need a solution, and chair bags just aren't cutting it.

Introducing the Chair Collection UI
At first glance, this UI looks similar. It is almost identical to the Medals UI, however, the functionality is quite different.

The Chair Collection UI would be accessed from the menu, ideally immediately above or under Medals. The collection is populated by dragging chairs from your set-up tab, which removes the chair from your inventory. Any duplicate chairs are stacked in the chair collection but returned 1-by-1 to your set-up tab when you decide to do so. Double-clicking a chair sets it as your active chair. Your chairs can be sorted by name or amount, and the UI will display the number of unique chairs you own.

But how do I sit?
As before, double-clicking a chair in your set-up tab will make the character sit on it, however, by using the "sit" key on your keyboard, your character will sit on the chair that is currently selected in the Chair Collection UI.

Such a feature is sorely needed in MapleStory, and I think it's safe to say all players will rejoice upon its addition.

Please, Nexon,