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Facestompers shoes - NLC - Pink Adventure Cape

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edited May 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Hello there

Before NLC/Masteria revamp, we were able to craft C.Ilbis, Furries, Stormcaster Glove, and some more from the 4 ninjas in the creepy forest of NLC. As for Facestompers shoes, they were craftable from Spindle after you would have completed Jack quests (the guy in the BigBang-like tower).

Nowadays, you can still acquire the SAME gears as before from the ninjas - Only it's via a coin system now. As for Spindle, he has a new coin system as well, but NOT every item you could get from him before the revamp is obtainable.

Also, there is no other way in-game to craft Facestompers.

Therefore, my suggestion is to add Facestompers shoes to either Spindle or ninja's coin shop. I think it would be more appropriate to add them inside the ninja's shop. Those shoes are a ''vestige'' of old school Maplestory just like Stormcaster glove, Glitter glove, Neva, etc.

On a side note, there is no way to craft a Pink Adventure Cape, known as PAC, either. It used to be a Gachapon item, but it has been removed with no other way to get one. I would suggest adding the PAC as well to the ninja's shop. If not, add another way to get it. It's a pity to be simply unable to get an item after all.

Thank you for read me

P.S. I speak French. Sorry for my English.