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Auto Item switch - Or item mannequin

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edited May 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Hello there

I suggest adding a system that allows players to quickly switch between 2 sets of items.

It would be really convenient while bossing and trying to switch to drop gears. Personally, I have maxed my drop item percent. So this is 9 items I have to switch during the battle. It's really annoying, especially for some bosses like Lotus.

It would also be more convenient in general cases like during Arcane River dailies. I switch between attack gears for when I get 200 killing quests on mobs hard to kill - And for Lachelein pq. Then change for 50 drop item quests and ChuChu pq. It's often mixed between 200 kills and 50 drops. So I am switching 3-4 times every time I am doing dailies.

So yea, a function that allows switching between 2 sets of items, where you could save the different items in both sets as you wish - This is my suggestion/request. It would be a really good improvement for bossing, and simply more convenient for the general gameplay.

Thank you very much

P.S. Sorry for English. I speak French