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Kanna Emblem Cubing A New Quest Arrived

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edited May 3 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Quest, functionality

Brief bug summary: When a Kanna throws away their Silver Blossom Emblem and begins cubing their Gold Blossom Emblem they will get a prompt that a new quest has arrived. However the new quest to retrieve the Silver Blossom Emblem is unavailable and will continue to prompt when cubing or using potential scrolls on the Gold Blossom Emblem.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create a Kanna character
- Reach Level 60 and obtain the Silver Blossom Emblem through the quest "Sakura Emblem".
- Reach Level 100 and obtain the Gold Blossom Emblem through the quest "Shining Sakura Emblem".
- Throw away the Silver Blossom Emblem. Begin using a potential scroll and cubes on the Gold Blossom Emblem.
- Noticing "A new quest has arrived! Please check the icon at the bottom of the screen." there is no new quest available within the icons to the left.
- The quest causing the prompt comes from "Silver Blossom Emblem" which should be available from Cassandra is not available when visiting her in the Event Hall.

Character name: KannaKazami
Character level: 186
Character job: Kanna
World name: Scania
Date and time of the incident: May 3rd, 2020 @ 2:30 PM EDT