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Quests Information

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edited May 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests

Add on the MapleStory website the complete list of quests and their rewards (for relevant quests). That's because for some quests (especially trade quests) all we can find on the Internet are pieces of information from around 2014. Hence, we don't know if we're just wasting our time trying to get some items.

Also, on a more general perspective, you could add to the MapleStory website more relevant information about the game content. Just like there is information on Surprise Boxes/Hair coupons/Eyes coupons/Gachapons drop rate, information about classes, information for beginners, etc.

I know there's a lot of communities and websites that provide information about MapleStory - And they do a great job. Only, sometimes the information is outdated in addition to the fact some pieces of information are really hard to find since they're hidden behind Nexon's ''secrets''.

Thank you