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Memories of the old MapleStory

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Hello Maplers,

I am a player since at least 12 years (with some yearlong breaks). I would like to start a discussion about the old MapleStory and exchange some memories from "good old times" with others.

What was your first created character?
What you miss in the current MS?

My first character was a cleric. I really enjoyed playing with a cleric, and I remember how I messed up my skills by spending SP into Holy Arrow instead of Heal and Teleport, making him not so useful in a team.

I miss party quests and sharing happiness with others. I remember crowded PQ maps in Kerning and Ludibrium. I miss Henesys Hunting Ground and Pig Beach (such a nice place to level up until an Iron Hog appeared). I loved Monster Carnival and hunting mobs during an Anniversary to loot cool Maple Weapons.

I also miss Maple Radio (does someone remember this?)

I miss the most my friends from Demethos in EU server, we played together in a nice guild, we did quests together and bosses. I remember one guy fought so hard Scarlion to get all of our guild members Scarlion hats. We have been waiting in the left corner while he kept fighting the boss on the opposite side of the map.


  • AlexKarevAlexKarev
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    You will always be a little mapler too me since the year long breaks don't really count. Most older maplers would have walked away from the game before and after the Big Bang updated.

    The only things i do miss are
    - 999 kill these mobs signs etc.
    - Florida Beach.
  • CannonizeCannonize
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    Yes! I remember these 999 signs! I spent hours in Sleepywood hunting 999 Horny and Zombie Mushrooms!
    And yes, I agree I feel like a little player but I'm more like Lil'Kim :D
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    there is so many things :(
    but somehow we are not allowed to talk about that ...