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Hiezan Temple Story Mode

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Alright. I killed Princess No as the gunblade girl. I'm on the Kanna now.

How on earth am I supposed to kill Princess No other than mashing elixirs constantly? Genuinely asking. With that gunblade girl, it was obvious how I am supposed to damage princess no to get her down. On this Kanna character though, I have zero idea how I'm supposed to be dealing enough damage before those tree buffs run out.

Can you unfreeze yourself in any way? Is there any way to control her via pushback or pulling?

Is my main course of action to make the red orbs and do that move on her that explodes those orbs?

I'm level 193, Wind Archer is my actual character.

I have no idea how I'm supposed to be doing enough damage to this boss before those tree buffs wear out, the ones with damage reduction and more boss damage in general. How is this balanced in any way whatsoever?

This mission is so frustrating.

I know you can jump over her little stomp move.

What do I use for the actual damage to kill her though because I have no idea. I kinda don't wanna spend 10 million on ginger ales just to spam that to survive this completely unbalanced mess of a mission, and even that isn't a guarantee because she can freeze you and be right ontop of you and kill you before you can heal anyway. Teleporting doesn't help most of the time, and there is so much clutter in the tree buffs that you can't see you are frozen until shes already on you anyway.

I am sorry, I had to vent. I need some sorta advice other than "spam potions, good luck" because that honestly just can't be how you do this. There has to be some formula and method to survive and also kill this boss as Kanna.


  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    Spam potions, good luck. Its one of those really poorly designed old content Maple has that was never updated. I was able to beat her as Hayato at 140 and as Kanna later on as 160. There really isn't any trick to beat her, spam attacks and heal until you win, sadly thats all there is to it.

    The real Princess No is an even bigger pain.