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[OC] The Cygnus King

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Like Faeries fighting in the fade,
A guild of Maplestory revelers,
Have reached the threshold and eyes paid
Attention to the higher levelers

Though no assassin, bandit, rogue, chief bandit,
Or hermit ever took a blow in dark sight,
The Tauromacis' poleaxe, touching land lit
And any contact made spun webs of arc light,
Thus wary foes knew well they hit their mark right.
With potions they adventured well prepared,
And traveled longer than a Kargos' bark might,
For claiming items rare from battle bared,
To drag to Channel One, where crowds their offers blared.

The First Capes Trade With Us to deep ends turned,
To end where, white fangs armed, lived villain's blouds.
In caverns underground, the pillars burned:
Metal hoops, thieves; hearts, one mage; blue moon studs,
Fighters; and crosses, clerics; their light floods.
They stopped in ruins, rubble past the road,
To watch for dark-winged claws and distant thuds;
And back and forth took portals that rooms showed,
Until they met, where they would snag the mother lode.

The thick haze permeated all the ground,
And colonnades stood bathed when twilight twinkled.
The enemy was nowhere to be found
And caused chagrin, so that their noses crinkled.
The pillars climbed, some gravel sparsely sprinkled,
Their steps went through the mute air and the tall fog,
Kandines and Serpent Tongues which curves had wrinkled,
Enraptured them in daydream, which thoughts all slog:
They waited patiently for him, hight Jr. Balrog.

The fog was lifted to an eerie ringing,
They saw the dirt shift when they heard wings flapping.
The torrents pushed down from above them bringing
The foe which bounded, then with claws for wrapping
Around a post, it swung to hunters trapping.
One fighter, bravely armed, swung so his sword
Flew through the air. He missed his target, tapping
The cold floor. When his friend for battle roared,
Then fury built inside, more than the fighters stored.

The fighters closest to their foe attacked;
The thieves beneath the beast fought at the border;
While wizards from afar their magic stacked.
Quick flurries sent the fighters in disorder;
Dexterity they knew, that spare recorder.
The two predicted lunges, and swipes wide,
Each one to satiate his inner hoarder.
The fighters battled with the beast in stride,
And fought down in its range, helped at a bandit's side.

The bandit strength who stirred, commanding, dived:
The dark lord's handiwork in savage blows
Was in his grasp surpassed, and dark flesh rived;
Gave six points jointly aimed, midst their fire throws,
A technique in which knife tips shredded foes:
And stones of Perion, the Kerning hives,
Or earth reared up from 'twixt Ellinia rose,
Or Scarecrows Henesys had stuffed with knives.
The loot all fought for, Jr. Balrog took with lives.

He rained down meteors which his spells could call in;
That through the arches, fiery alley sent,
The meteors smoldering since now being fallen.
Despite their lives, the thieves were valiant,
And blades were blurred against claws salient.
The chaos all was being self-same triggers,
And wrought by stars, brought down shows brilliant,
Which reft, and splitting ground, became like diggers,
So over earth, eruptions flew and cast dark figures.

The fighters could not bear the heat too long,
So they retreated, and upon a piece
Of ice touched, which by Faery powers strong,
Made so no pow'r would other states release,
Which, placed near openings, cooled elbow grease,
And made their faces cool, but did not freeze.
They charged back in with effort to increase,
At Jr. Balrog limned in histories,
Where Sleepywood dared not to go, for centuries.

The bandit's luck thus far had him preserved,
But Jr. Balrog cornered down his foe,
And swiped with claws that reared, sharp tips that curved,
To leave the bandit in a state of woe.
A wizard teleported with a glow,
As heart-shaped earrings glinted while they swerved
When she stood guarding him, her spells to throw,
Which, for such circumstances well reserved,
Could shield with poison gas, whose clouds their cover served.

Like dragons fought with griffons in the air,
Against a griffon's beak and lion paws,
Its scales beat on, as it made feathers bare,
When Jr. Balrog's fireball left jaws,
It flew for targets like a wreckage draws
A line of smoke, and missed them in their shroud.
Then in their triple scratch, they felt his claws,
Which found the two who cried in terror loud,
And lifeless turned their bodies, which into ground plowed.

They battled like famed Tristan of the past,
Their gladius blades struck, would smash back foes,
And massive damage deal, to villains fast,
With fury which abated in bold shows,
Against the one who walked on cloven toes.
His claws ripped through the air to counter back,
Their magic claws could cut down who they chose,
But fighters trained to bear the hard attack,
Showed much endurance, when avoiding being slack.

The fighters of the First Capes Trade With Us,
Saw Jr. Balrog weaken midst their fury,
And every chance did take, that good chance was-
And lo! The beast was slain and theirs' to bury.
The loot was their's to claim, so they made hurry-
Three magic scrolls were dropped amidst bagged mesos,
And a Kandine, with Ilbi stars that flurry,
Rewards that dropped, as when a Muse's tress chose,
For those who earned the feat, with courage that made less foes.


A snowy town in Ossyria
Bids travelers to buy a snowshoe,
They quests take on and trek through the tundra,
Grey Hectors by the thousands rove through.

What more was left, with Jr. Balrog gone?
The Sanctuary under Sleepywood
Was emptied, leave the travelers who won.
They used their scrolls to get to town, for food,
Rest, and to spread news of achievements good.
Where Chrishrama was found there was a sauna-
Birchwillow Sauna then, the crew renewed.
Which outside breathed in damp air cleaned by fauna,
Surrounded by Gold Hinkels, and one Red Katana.

They sank then lingering deep into a sleep,
Since Sleepywood's charm was the law o'er all,
The group could not afford their place to keep,
When news of unexplored finds they did call
To carry out with the guild's wherewithal,
But first made haste to Perion to sell,
And into channel one did First Capes fall
With items loaded, open air in which to yell,
Ilbis on sale, "for thirty million or tell-".

A station opened recently to Orbis-
Which was a town in skies connecting down
To where the Hectors farmed would clothe the garb-less.
The frozen tundra housed El Nath the town,
Beyond which Pepes skated, wrapped in down;
Large Yetis roamed at will and rumbling stepped
With dark companions, some of them were brown;
Whom Pepes mounted, heights found them when leapt,
As they combined, the Yeti a shrewd Pepe kept.

To there had wended First Capes Trade With Us
By strength. Alcaster had for them a guest,
An ancient book of powers odious
Was lost to frozen mountains and time lest
Adventurers lent ear to his behest.
They found a girl to lead them to a tomb,
A ring existed that its wearers blessed,
To be found buried with one to exhume.
They passed through Icy Fields, and went to Sharp Cliffs' doom.

Jade led, the green-eyed girl found in El Nath,
Through Icy Fields Somewhere to Haunted Ground
The First Capes Trade With Us who took the path,
And being led there met the Eight Lines Round.
They quoth: "For worse, the Yetis miss to wound
A misborne band of mostly bandits! Bah!"
Their guests then quoth, "Aside, please move around,
It is our turn to get at this old claw."
By which case groups went down, which items filled with awe.

The ring was handed o'er to Sergeant Bravo
By Jade their guide; two fighters who defended
Jake, whose identity, which with Gustavo,
Depended on Shinkitas double-ended;
A mage who wore a Seraphim, most splendid,
Supported by magicians, who were clerics
Trained in Ellinia, who friends oft mended,
Their names were Alrichs, Acheron, and Eryx;
They gave their rings to him; received the Sergeant, dare's fix.

They passed cold landscapes which pines filled in forests,
The Western White Pine's five-prongs made its spines;
The Western Yellow Cedar's bark was porous;
And pounded rain coats, plus salves used by Hines;
Subalpine Firs, among the latter, lines
Itself with boughs that made it good for beds;
Their young shoots Sitka Spruces sweet designs;
And Shore Pine's bark when torn, plates sheds
That can splint injuries—from bad events luck dreads.

The First Capes sought to get ten thousand furs,
And fighters spied ahead a herd of Hectors;
Both Ray and Senshi charged the steaming curs,
Whose claws were fierce, but shields served as deflectors.
Their canine pets were loot selectors.
Senshi's mace flew, dominant o'er hounds, shed,
And smashed their skulls, right in their map detectors.
For pets to find the map parts evil founded,
As warriors gained strength, from potions strength compounded.

Their ops took them around to Haunted Ground-
And five miles past, a mesa all addressed,
Snow-covered, and all undulating found
Plains filled with Hectors, swarming in a fest.
And through the narrow gulch the First Capes pressed,
Their swords came cutting through and maces clunked,
The fighters kept the Hectors from their rest,
So battle choked the tide for map parts junked.
The killing fields were warm, but temperatures had plunked.

The torn cartography was brought to him,
Alcaster pieced together pages heaved
By Hectors, who they hunted and did trim,
The Ancient Book of Power's, then believed
To lay in mountains, secret was retrieved,
Its resting place was in the Orbis Tower;
Ten tower floors of sentinels were reaved,
The middle held the Ancient Book of Power,
Beneath a statue stored, past sentinels' last hour.

No more would that defiant tome resorted
To help the Black Mage in his time of need.
Its magic sealed, the book no more reported
To casters' tries; Alcaster's purging deed
Did that. He gave them Justice Capes, their lead
Exclusive to ones rising fast past the sixties,
And hemmed in gold, had slots, a luckless need;
Then upgrades made, the First Capes flew betwixt seas;
Their capes adventures' prize, now pressed on to the pixies.


A magic cloud held up a city
Explorers traveled to by ship,
Like hanging gardens they were pretty,
Behind the clouds where they did zip.

The city Orbis floated in the sky,
An ocean sat below: a cloud whose power
Derived from magic made the city fly.
Beyond its gate, there led paths to a bower,
Beneath, carnivorous plants could devour;
What higher, Jr. Cellions' by swarm
Could overpower, hunters in their hour;
And higher-living Cellions would show alarm,
While Lucidas, red-eyed, had tails that none could charm.

Alas! All this may fit in Lucid's method
Where by his dreams he hatched and put to use,
To barrier the Truth, he makes my death bed
Out of its life-thread. This poetic muse
Stirs not to frame recordings of that ruse,
Or be unhelpful in the mortal realm,
But of some decent leisure be to choose,
A tale of simpler times for rhymes to helm,
From what was engineered, fine figureheads of elm.

Below them laid the pixie's skies all terraced.
Cascading levels stretched, and were attached,
Extending down through clouds that blocked the fairest
City that looked upon men that was hatched
In blueprint form, and that construction matched
With magic clouds for flight, to make air bourne-
To rest where it, at times, was by clouds patched.
Townspeople met, the First Capes found with hair torne,
A faery in distress, her garments threadbare-worn.

A picture frame clung to her hands; her pet
Eliza, quoth then Kriel (as she was hight),
Has run amok, and being crazed, she would let
None come retrieve her, Kriel asked, "It does slight
Me so, for pets to hasten daytime's flight;
And so I ask you brave ones, could you clear
The skies that Lucidas made dark with blight?
Then maybe my Eliza, now in fear,
Will come back and be sweet, like my Eliza dear.

Thus to the floating gardens First Capes went,
First past Nependeths, then by climbing ropes,
Through Gardens of Three Colors made ascent,
And came to where the Cellions scrounged slopes,
Beyond, in the domain of telescopes.
The gardens far displayed hung high above.
A staircase to the skies they took, with hopes
To breathe in thinned-out atmosphere. And of
The doors closed off before, came what gave those a shove.

Into a garden dark and rank they filled;
Wrought gates in ivy lined passed, weight clouds lurched.
The Jr. Lucidas foes found who killed.
In gardens, Lucidas up high besmirched
The fair sky Orbis filled and had researched,
And filled with darkness, so broad day made slighten.
There, hoary-faced Eliza up high, perched,
Was crowded, where their numbers him did frighten;
But as they cleared the skies, they caught him, skies to brighten.

They brought Eliza, frazzled, hoary, spent,
To Kriel in Orbis, who thanked all the crew-
Then Hilla's pleas attended, so they went
To find among the places where they flew,
Restoratives a crystal ball was due.
Before their fortunes could be seen for sure,
To understand from power which it knew,
The crystals from the pixies needed were,
From fleecy clouds strength sapped, which Pixies took on tour.

They went to strolling path and their way made,
The star-capped pixies to outmatch.
The First Capes stormed the dubious palisade,
And clouds recaptured did their capes all catch.
Ropes anchored by balloons saw crews detach,
To seek the pixies out who lower dwelt.
The air with stardust filled, left by the patch,
When spiny suns them pelted, then did melt,
With lunar crescents, floating, that half their damage dealt.

The magic once extracted from the cloud
Was taken back and ground down to a paste.
The Cygnus Empress had night terrors loud,
When one night she in nightmares her fears faced:
An image in the mirror her replaced,
And darkness marred the Empress hand to toe,
And when she woke, her conscience was defaced,
The Cygnus Empress First Capes then let know,
That what they saw revealed, her very form was foe.

There's my poem. If you guys like it, head over to fanfiction.net and subscribe!


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    In Ariant unrest is stirred
    When Lords will not protect or serve,
    A conflict of some interests heard,
    Areda must they reach by verve.

    The Black Wings were reported last seen in
    The Nihal Desert where the people were neglected.
    A Quean's extravagance was blame to pin
    For populations by high crimes affected
    Since all her guards their rightful posts defected;
    And rumors had it Ariants' Queen drained
    Her royal vault and all her troops collected
    To pursue what the madness had sustained,
    The magic potions drunk, the Quean's young looks maintained.

    The First Capes went to Ariant's defense,
    Arrived they at where they found an oasis.
    Exhaustion ailed them who passed o'er the fence
    So they made for a fountain, far from tasteless,
    But soon accosted were by Tigun's paces,
    Who warded it. He quoth: "You are all hereby
    Under arrest, thieves! Do not leave your places!"
    A good Samaritan by luck was nearby
    To save them from the constable, as his cuffs reared nigh.

    They met Don Byron, not just in a re-run,
    The crew who little knew of culture there;
    He introduced himself before mad Tigun
    And quenched arrivals, with whom, now, to share,
    A hideout for the rebels in his care,
    Now in patrol to fend off lawlessness,
    Which people would help from their hideout there,
    Together to bring down the godlessness
    That milked the people's wealth, behind the palace's.

    To bribe the guard was a sure way to pass,
    So Byron pushed the crew to that intent.
    And here I take the mode of Hudibras
    A knight of errant type to reinvent.
    He stood watch armed and rather portulent,
    The fountain was tiered thrice: he ambulated,
    His scimitar in scabbard opulent,
    The words inscribed on ratiocinated,
    "The man, without a sword, will be humiliated."

    Thus Tigun said to them: "What caprons!
    A cape that an industrious chap wins!
    The way to Ariant is lined on maps,
    Like grains of sand that through the gaps
    Fall into seas of self-same slack,
    The wealth piles here, in caverns black,
    And carpets floors, and papers stacks,
    To fall away some place it tracks.
    Our esteemed civilization
    Bring scales to level realization,
    And want more coin to tell; ham-fisted,
    I'll go from you, and you that wished it,
    Go from me. Bygones be bygones!
    And Tigun just a constable o'er lawns,
    If only you will give me reason,
    I who have none accept this treason
    And justice can be 'round you led,
    And you can go, the world to tread."
    And Byron said aside, "Ask what
    He has in mind". To feed his gut,
    They must go hunt the desert's chicken
    The Kiyos would his taste buds quicken,
    When mixed with spices Tigun carried,
    And roasted over coals that cherried.
    Now next, since Tigun was the boss,
    Some scorpion tails, their body's loss,
    Became the meat, the best part got,
    In life they served it, but now not,
    In frying pans were tossed and cooked,
    So much steam rose that skies filled looked:
    Upon these mad delights that rage,
    Tigun had dreams that crimes assuage.
    Now Tigun felt a draught, and Sand Dwarves
    Made the mission's target with scarves,
    These chests that Tigun had laid out,
    Possibly had in hinges gout-
    He and his band of crooks pay Alcadno
    With Sand Dwarves' gnomic trinkets made so
    The rivalry in Edelstein
    Could be based on the Sand Dwarves' mine.
    The Sand Dwarf's were Alcadno's equal,
    Whose horticulture makes a prequel.

    They found then Jiyur next to a root-cellar
    Whose sister was imprisoned, in cells pent,
    Scheherazade hight, was a storyteller,
    And by the Queene accused of ill intent
    In writings she penned that defiance meant.
    To find his sister they would need to enter
    Doors guarded well that led to where were tent—
    Filled courtyards and then to the center,
    And pass the marble doors, to where the lives were gentler.

    They needed, then, a fancy sword for tricks
    Performed by Sirin the Sword Swallower,
    And sought the Kiyos once again to fix
    The handle with a hilt of horn all o'er
    In laminated sheets a follower
    Of smithing, hight Muhamad, could make bound,
    Deep in the desert by the Hollow's stir.
    Once reached, then the apprentice pommels round
    Had crafted, to their Fancy swords, disguises sound.

    They scoured the castle for Scheherazade,
    And found then leaving, Hilla. Made to stop
    By them, she fought, the Black Wing Mage by rod,
    For bringing doom to Ariant, a hop
    Away from getting off scot-free to top
    It all, the jewels she paid to throw away,
    The people's wealth discarded like a crop
    Of tares, but first was captured in the hero's fray,
    This Hilla who once gained control with inner sway.


    The First Capes Trade With Us searched Ludi,
    Where they hoped to gather treasure.
    In dungeons, from the Vikings,
    Loot failed to take in conquest's leisure.

    In rest at Ludus Lake were two turrets' towers
    Next to a castle that some magic stranded.
    Lidium from Areda's land had powers,
    And life inside of Legoland commanded.
    From Ariant they went to Orbis, handed
    The flight attendant tickets for the ride.
    The magic train's propellers by red banded,
    Made it cleave space; propellers orange made slide,
    And push, so that Ossyrian skies they took, their tide.

    The First Capes made it to a factory,
    Conveyer belts transported to the floor,
    Brown Teddies that were satisfactory,
    And churned out Roloduckies to the shore,
    With Ticks that crawled, Tick-tocks that crawled with more,
    Robos graced with forefingers and a thumb,
    Toy Trojans that were stamped with Sinon's door,
    All passed, approved, but Chronos that had some
    Illness and for their uvula, a pendulum.

    Ludibrium's clock tower had a dungeon,
    Where, first, they passed the factory, then lower
    Inside, the Lidium built up to plunge in
    The dark, inhabitants as in a drawer,
    Which for such organisms, made them grow slower.
    Tinged blue, it guarded where it lived: a Buffy
    Armed: Vert per pale and Or, a Fool's Cap, Or.
    Not left alone were Lazy Buffies scruffy,
    Where of routines and cares, they'd seen more than enough flee.

    The second-hand belongings had fluff pulled:
    Soul Teddies found were wand'ring in a daze,
    Master Soul Teddies had their bodies culled,
    And to a fuller height the ghoul did raise
    Itself upon the fabric of lost days,
    A parasite full-blown that in their case,
    Fit bodies better who their pain obeys.
    This inner dungeon justice would debase
    Unless their justice fell, all touched with its embrace.

    The First Capes sped past the Buffoons who shared
    With Klocks Warped Path of Time. Ghost Pirates
    While passing, they had killed whose cannons glared,
    And onto Spirit Vikings went, whose fire pits
    Could take a thief down who thought his kind higher flits;
    Until Gigantic Spirit Vikings,
    No challenge was too strong 'gainst First Capes' dire hits,
    But cannon fire was not too much their likings,
    When Vikings crossed their T, against the First Capes' strikings.

    The next map was Forgotten Path of Time,
    Rogue antimatter from Papulutus
    Had caused the lower floor's decay and clime,
    And made Areda Sardanapulus.
    The Sultan Abdullah's Metropolis,
    The Queen Areda used; he stayed in covers-
    Foundations, crèmes, and rouge weighed down her bliss,
    Beside her Azwan pageantry of lovers,
    In filaments, which found, by less heat, light recovers.

    The Phantom Watches roamed in colored lawns
    Forgotten Paths of Time, to watches thrall,
    Which wound themselves by prying tachions
    From nearby life, but fell, crowns crushed to stall
    What from their glass was told by short and tall.
    Their empty dials for loss of time, they cracked,
    And made their ether flow, and pouring, fall
    In sheets to lower floors the bricks had stacked,
    As Heroes foes had shown, their savage blows' impact.

    From there they used the portals on the right,
    And found Klocks chomping with two rows of teeth,
    Which near their legs, would chomp down hard in fight.
    The Dark Klocks clenched their teeth with foes beneath.
    They turned back time with tachions that wreathe
    Their inner gears tuned to some use to harness:
    Minions of the Rogue served him to breathe.
    Master Death Teddies and Death Teddies' yarn less
    To symbiotic spectres tied, aiming, did the barn miss.

    Forgotten Time contained Grim Phantom Watches,
    Whose skulls were split apart, cracked by the coldness,
    And shackled were to watches: crowns with notches
    Leeched out robbed Lidium. Their boldness
    Showed while the fighters made them hold less,
    When they carved through what formed the swirling tarn,
    And in their battles showed that they were told this:
    Grim Phantom Watches rattled chains to warn,
    Who found a Piece of Cracked Dimension like a sarn.

    It was all shocking without caulking,
    The Ether piled the top of bricks in nitre,
    The parts used for their interlocking,
    But caused discomfiture in every fighter,
    Unless the banks they formed would falls make lighter,
    To send ballooning plumes of silver floating,
    Inside of Time, then spill down as might Ichor,
    As clouds once left suspended as re-coating
    Grew left there in Forgotten Passage, Motes to groats bring.


    The First Capes hit the roads for New Leaf City
    And e'er a Carthage was, it was as pretty,
    The buyers back in Free Market would clamor
    For items bought to gavels that did hammer.
    A Serpent Tongue discovered past Electrophants
    Was found from I am Robots by good chance,
    Whose tracks were laid outside the Krakian fields
    Who for the want of more drops spear scrolls yields-

    Sixty percent plus 2 attack made writ
    In fortune waving, flapping as it flitt,
    A good step first and hesitation next;
    Some scrolls might send up fire and all the text,
    Like Dido at her pyre without her groom,
    Baldachinn for her pyre, as well as loom;
    But 'tis just sixty after all, no doom
    From Gachapon's imbalanced joy and gloom.

    The Old Sapp Village helped the First Capes start;
    The name was Christopher C. Crimsonheart,
    Whose ship was anchored far from Nautilus.
    Among the pirates, he was known for this;
    He had just found the floating island-
    What fear congealed was like a graveyard, silent,
    The horror like what Kurt had words to shape,
    In Crimsonwood, beyond the Mall and tape.
    The Cygnus knights came from the Island Ereve,
    Where the Transcendent had work to take care of,
    But a discovery must be observed,
    From Kerning subways went where heroes served.

    For insubordination, razed was Carthage,
    By forces Venus sent from high above,
    So New Leaf City, loot gave as a smart wage,
    In vantage of the woods, and placed above
    The Crimsonwood and Prendergast thereof,
    For what else had a haunted mansion done
    But make decay, which its surroundings wove?
    Since New Leaf City had beginnings none
    Other than Prendergast, of Crimsonwood's stock spun.

    It was all wonder why the mansion fell,
    The place once used for making toys was vacant,
    It was long since the owner passed, but well
    Before so, with still-living breath to make chant,
    He rituals conducted, truth to make slant.
    After Sophillia died to consumption,
    He gave each toy a voicebox for its fake rant;
    He went the same way soon, and in with gumption,
    Ludmilla took possession without a presumption.

    Edmunds the Butler made himself a fixture
    Beside the host where guests would see the mansion.
    Ludmilla made sure guests knew of the trickster,
    The vanity room was a ghost's expansion,
    It was invincible and kept Byzantian.
    And so the First Capes toured the Prendergast,
    Some windows cracked, it hardly seemed Atlantian,
    T' was all a maze as 'twere to exit past,
    Where moonlight had in rooms, made windows' shadows last.

    It was no good to stay in Prendergast,
    When Crimsonwood Keep, ruled by Twisted Masters,
    Gave Bent Trees sentience, that ambush wast.
    The heroes had but one thing for disasters,
    Then known on sight by all the gaudy plasters
    Which Twisted Masters made for Phantom Forest.
    They power had denied to other rasters,
    And statues in the hands of a bored tourist,
    Were toppled to be left, in ruins time deplorest.

    Beyond were Crossroads after many Bent Trees,
    But first the First Capes found in Dead Man's Gorge,
    A group of bandits that did not displease.
    "Aread," Ray quoth, "With whom we bonds may forge!"
    The center bandit, to decrease their sorge,
    Quoth then, "We are guards of Masteria:
    This is Fiona – Joko will engorge –
    Mo has the wares, all the et cetera,
    And I am Taggrin, here by Raven Ninja's law."

    Some fifty Elderwraiths found burial rights.
    Taggrin put out a bounty for each villain,
    The Crimsonwood Keep, once the Shadowknights'
    Was past Forgotten Paths, where raised a shrill din,
    Stormbreakers with their ranks no more could fill in.
    And when their bugle sounded out its cry,
    The First Capes charged and killed around woods sylvan.
    The fire brands flared to kill – or hit – to die
    While foes impeded them, for time they had to buy.

    They found an entrance small, first worth dismissing:
    The Cavern of Pain, thought to lead to Twisted
    Masters, which entered, Jack contained, then missing,
    Who John on cork in Bigger Ben had listed,
    Who being rescued, showed them what existed,
    It was like Daedalus had shared his vision:
    A labyrinth with tests was well assisted,
    Then sigils passed to their decision—
    And made the Test of Wits, team winners by division.

    While they made out the details, they heads tucked,
    And fakes were separated, when with wand
    Or dagger, sword or arrow, answers lucked,
    So that their seal was passed for what's beyond-
    The next room was where Crimsonheart once donned:
    Forbidden Gun, they found, and Master Sword;
    Each by their effort found the pieces fond:
    Staff of First Magic found, Decayed Claw stored,
    The pirates, snipers, and the wizards piled the hoard.

    The Council Hall of the Grandmasters opened
    For which there was a legendary band
    Of fighters, thieves, and mages who felt hope blend,
    With terror as Margana's sceptered hand
    Had a dark menhir formed that tall did stand,
    Which needed not a second warning heeded,
    It was infused with energy all spanned;
    They fought, but shunned the bluestone as was needed,
    And focused gale-force winds, which her spells had exceeded.

    They spied gunslinging in the hills bucolic,
    It was the Master Guardian's keen boss.
    A double hammer flint flashed; melancholic
    Descriptions fit him best, red goggle's gloss,
    A quickly turning cloak that hid, at toss,
    The hail of arrows that stormed down upon
    The First Capes – then the archer Rellik's dross;
    Attacks by pistol whipping proved their brawn.
    The First Capes were outgunned, who answered with blades drawn.

    Nightshadows lurked from up behind the Chief
    Bandits Jake and Gustavo, cutting mainly,
    Got rills, when cannibals searched them for beef;
    Alas by numbers easily they'd gain free,
    Who showed barbaric taste with trinkets zany,
    The grasp their foes had, and saw backs of ninjas.
    Since these were but the shadows that did reign free,
    Deception beat the amateurs to fringes,
    When out came Cursayers (the weapon on luck hinges);

    And adding to the blade-work were Angelic
    Betrayals and Night Raven Killiçs,
    Enough to carve the First Capes' way to Rellik.
    Lo! But appeared Hsalf with wax'd red helix
    On the ground to his Mesos, to some 'zilch mix',
    And would have all ignited them, but Chief
    Bandits knew he would trigger plans fires will fix,
    Since they knew what his method was by sheaf,
    The Dark Lord's strategy in increments, and brief-

    With danger closing in, from gates Hsalf,
    A thief, could open, formed Windraiders' aid,
    Who babbled litanies, amidst their gaffe:
    Which summoned purple orbs that, floating, swayed,
    And pushed back gusts that their resistance made;
    Though this was winding out to be in favor-
    Chief bandits couched down to earth like a blade,
    And thro' reseating heels did little waver,
    Assaulters left foes wounds, done faster made them graver.

    T' is safe to say, Hsalf saw in a flash,
    The bandits who got there by chances slim.
    He tried to score huge stars, his aim was trash:
    And led to being reached, his eye caught grim;
    He slashed hard in a gesture, on the rim
    Of yellow-red katara blades to spark;
    The Balrog Claws in hand were white, but dim
    When at max speed, Hsalf swung three-an-arc;
    And drew their consternation, to receive a mark.

    The bandits were afraid of who unmasks;
    Hsalf against the First Capes thus did seem,
    A battle of their shaded hits and tasks,
    But naught was all unseeable, or gleam
    Without an equal as a match to deem.
    Soon they arrived, the Crimson Guardians,
    And chief among them, Red Nirg came full steam,
    To fight head on the challenge that strength wins;
    And in akimbo held, two axes which made dins.

    Curtaxes swung, two shields had met anew.
    Atlantian courtyards carried on the scene,
    Where weapons Paladins and Red Nirg threw;
    He did a blade spin and did scatter clean,
    Both Ray and Senshi who his strength did ween.
    They charged their swords with magic elemental,
    And swords laid on their blows with newer sheen,
    So that, each blow preceding was developmental
    To combinations thunderous, against chop gentle.

    The archer occupied was hight, Capuchin
    Who loosed artillery at Rellik, doomed.
    Below, a warrior, peeled eyes to search in
    More damage from their foe's hard challenge, groomed
    In ways of war and great; Here Senshi bloomed.
    He blew in wind cast by the active praters:
    When Ray and Senshi killed, Aeolus boomed
    Or bellowed at their call against those faytors;
    Their blizzards changed the tide, and foes could stay not slaters.

    It was then Rellik that Capuchin doomed,
    And made his life as bare as bone or done-
    But when Capuchin sent out what he groomed,
    His hawk then locked onto the target, spun,
    Before a dive bomb that the foe did stun.
    The hawk repaired and went, high from its prow;
    The Balcony now claimed in triumph won,
    The fighters battled on as they knew how;
    Yon Aon or Child Phoenix, Neptune made them now.

    Red Nirg became a pair of warriors:
    The Azure Ocelot a spear did wield,
    Arrayed with fins, and whirling dark, bare cores,
    The Scarlet Phoenix made nunchucku yield,
    And interchange their sibling truncheon's field.
    Red Nirg was slow, but two escaped blows soundly,
    And when they saw the chance, made damage healed:
    Their flurries came down, soused and hit back roundly
    Against their foes, when spearheads were areared profoundly.

    The Paladins recast their Parashock
    Guard while a Flame Arch Wizard slime yspread
    Its muck, Alcides-like Ray rushed to knock
    The Azure Ocelot down, who tears shed
    Which darkened floors with what had not been bled,
    Until, since there were combat orders Ray
    Eschewed, no flame nor blizzard used, a thread
    Of thunder came off from his blade, and they
    The Phoenix, and the Azure Ocelot did flay.

    The ones left of the Crimsonwood Keep kept
    Their hides for a good time; their mobs formed darkness
    Which the Chief Bandits hasted to, and leapt
    In range, and used the cut-back speed with starkness,
    With their assaulters that cleaved to depart this,
    Who fought until the end, when wills will bend.
    While Twisted Masters left behind a stark mess,
    As Rellik tried to flee and outside wend,
    The First Capes flew, the Twisted Masters' rule to shend.

    They proudly went through doors and pediments,
    And found four platforms of their purpose chartered:
    These being Loot-Trunks, panels warped with dents
    Where screws secured the padlocks their keys partnered.
    The First Capes got their hands on loot and bartered
    From the Free Market for the mythic price
    Deserved, when torches lit no martyred
    Scene, for the battle loot which tastes entice,
    That heroes earned from quests, and made to slice and dice.