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Dark Omen skill suddenly changed mid-game

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Bug type: Skill error?

Brief bug summary: Dark Omen is now placed where you are when the full animation ends instead of where you cast it.

More details: In the middle of my grinding session something changed with Dark Omen so it appears where your character is the moment the animation ends instead of it appearing where your character was upon casting it.

(I have been grinding at Revelation Place 2 for the past 4 days and my rotation included double Shadow Jumping and placing Dark Omen just high enough to hit only the mobs at the longer top platform and never the mobs on the base floor but in the middle of gameplay this changed and I can no longer place Dark Omen at the same height as before and instead it lands short.)

Steps to reproduce: Immediately upon casting a second Shadow Jump(not upwards), cast Dark Omen at the highest point in the jump.

Character name: BenelliM4

Character level: 225

Character job: Night Walker

World name: Reboot NA

Date and time of the incident: Anywhere between 11:00 AM to 13:00 PM CEST


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    I made a Night Walker months ago and it had always spawned midway through the animation, not where I used the skill
    Were you using a Monster Park Green Potion or a Rune of Swiftness?