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LF> Guild on Reboot.

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Hi, I haven't played maplestory since pre-bb. I just created my first toon on reboot and I have no one that plays so its kind of lonely.
I'm pretty hardcore and dedicated to games I play so I'm looking for others to talk to and learn from.


  • Wesleyx3Wesleyx3
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    Pretty new meself but add MuneyBagz! :D
  • caleadycaleady
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    I am an Officer in Chocolatè we are an NA Reboot Guild for level 200+. Most of us are long time players (who have played on an off). We definitely help each other out a lot and we have guides in our Discord Server. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and very friendly. My name in game is ErebusLeukos, feel free to add me and ask me any questions you have.