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Improve Cash Shop RNG Boxes

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edited June 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Please provide better value for the high amount of money you're collecting for RNG boxes.

In the current philo rotation, for example, I would suggest these changes:

Reward list 2:
-All mounts permanent instead of temporary
-Combine all damage skins into "damage skin selection" boxes with choice of damage skin
-Increase from 1 nodestone to 25
-Remove spell trace
-Replace all bags with 40 slot bags
-Remove forever unrelenting flame
-Remove red flame
-Increase rainbow flame to at least 5
-Remove all main potential scrolls that are not at least epic
-Replace all slot expansion coupons with selectable slot expansion
-Remove miraculous chaos

Reward list 1:
-Remove all empress gear
-Stop including Oz rings unless they are level 3 and 4 versions
-Add ring of torment coupon
-Add frenzy totem
-Consider replacing the random fafnir weapons with 15 vellum tokens
-Consider the same for the CRA armours
-Why is permanent pendant rate so low? It's not as good of a reward as you think it is.

The rates for anything decent are extremely low... yet people still buy them. Still some of these improvements would be considered QoL only and you might actually implement them?