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A rant.

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This is going to be a long rant. Ever since SavageAce left his position as a producer for GMS, the game has been going downhill.

The first patch after SavageAce left; the Worlds Unite one, was a great patch. It had the least number of bugs. The only bad thing that happened after that patch was that the auction house was disabled for maintenance and bug fixes, which is fine.

The next patches were the worst of the worst. Non-KMS content started getting damaged and damaged and fading slowly but surely. First Non-KMS content that got damaged is Tot’s Know How. They removed all the gear you get from level 20-60. They removed the Hyper Teleport Rocket from it, which made leveling mules take longer. They also removed the hair and face slots, which were tradeable, which was a great way to increase your face and hair slot for basically free. The rewards for the current Tot’s Know How is if I remember correctly, level 30 gear and a Puffram Pet that lasts for only 3 days.

The next Non-KMS content that got a great quality of life was Gollux, it no longer required you to complete the annoying prequest, and you had to be level 170 to be able to enter it. But, on the 15th Anniversary patch, they made Hellux (highest Gollux difficulty) a very very hard boss that required good gear. Hellux has like 770 billion HP. New players are having a hard time obtaining these BiS accessories. And they also made these accessories so valuable in the Regular Servers. They also destroyed Gollux Mules in these servers, making Mesos very very hard to make.

Another Non-KMS content that has been destroyed is Bye Bye farming. Nexon destroyed it by making Bye Bye station a normal grinding place. They made the monsters level 170+. They also made them drop only 1 meso bag. Back then, meso farming in Reboot was very easy; get a Kanna to level 149, farm in Bye Bye station, and suicide every time you are about to level. What did Nexon do? They made suicide farming against the Terms of Service. Clearly, they don’t even play their game. What is worse than this is that they refused to unban all the suicide kannas after the maple memo regarding suicide farming.

What was Bye Bye farming replaced with? A Maple Tour. It is basically another ursus, but the problem is that you have to wait a whole week in order to get 100% of the Mesos from Maple Tour. And here’s the catch: If you had maple points in reboot, you get more Mesos from Maple Tour than the players who do not have maple points. Clearly Pay to Win. Wasn’t Reboot intended to be the “F2P” server? Nexon doesn’t know how to keep promises.

And here we are at the present, Nexon nerfs Kishin. Reason? No reason at all. Nexon clearly doesn’t play their game. And they made upkeeping kishin as a Kanna main a pain, which really sucks for Kanna mains, including me. And they killed every single Kanna mule. Why? Why can’t they just increase the base spawn to the Frenzy Levels? Is it really hard? I doubt it. As for the people who are like “but my black totem with the yellow cross” grow up, nobody forced you to spend 5 million dollars on a pixel 2d game. They also replaced Fury Totem with a ‘Wild’ Totem, as if that makes things better. Nexon, if you want to remove Kishin, REMOVE it. Don’t nerf it slowly for no reason. Nexon clearly does not care about what the players want.

Also, why did Nexon make Protection Scrolls unobtainable? Do they REALLY hate F2P players?

We, the community, want these 4 changes.

- Remove all spawn enhancers except frenzy totem

- After removing the ability to enhance the spawn rate from frenzy, give it another ability like the one with BoD

- Enhance the base spawn to frenzy levels

- Done.

This thread will once again be ignored by Nexon. I don’t know why am I even writing this if it is going to be ignored.

TL;DR: Nexon did a lot of sins which are caused by not listening to the player feedback, and they hate f2p players, and they keep nerfing Kishin.

EDIT : Here is another list of the bad things that happened after SavageAce left.
- 24 Hour Character Deletion regardless of level or when the character has been made.
- Non-Reboot changes to Buff Freezers and Safety Charms to have expiry dates upon purchase.
- Removal of Blackgate City.
- Removal of Regular and VIP Hairstyle and Face Coupons.
- Reduced rates for Malaysia influencing Kanna farmers to invade Arcane River.
- The introduction of Phantom Forest making it dead content upon arrival with Masteria's Legacy Set and the Star Force costs with Shadowknight Coins taking 10 years on average to 22 Stars per equip. The content itself is prone to headaches, nausea, or vomiting.
- Changes to the Familiar System which made it more P2W in regular servers and grind intensive in Reboot. It is currently disabled due to poor testing and save issues making people lose familiars.
- The removal of Protection and Shield Scrolls from Elite monster drops in Non-Reboot forcing players to spend Reward Points or NX Cash.


  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    Well not all of those things are really that bad.
    Idk why they wanted to nerf ToT but in the end that only affects some mules in the beginning, hyper tele rocks you can get from events and maple guide is quite handy anyways, causing you only walk couple of maps.
    Hard and hell gollux buff was basically to balance the difficulty for getting end game items. It used to give 5 BiS and 2 2ndBiS items with basically no effort at all since it was originally a boss from pre 5th job and back then it required quite a bit. When you can get BiS eqps from boss it should require a little bit more than just boss which you can kill without gear if someone just carries you in there. Atleast now it's some challenge, i accept that the shop prices are little bit too high so it takes long time to get something but atleast the boss requires something. And i guess noone would complain if the boss was originally harder.

    Think about byebye farming again... Is any game supposed to be played with a mule constantly dying somewhere just to advance with your main? Also it's bit broken if 140lvl area gives same amounts of meso as 225 lvl area.

    You can thank botters for kish nerfs. the spawn rate decrease doesn't really matter that much (7% in total, so you'd get 93% exp in the time you got 100% before) but that cooldown basically breaks the whole skill. I guess they want ppl to actually buy those wild totems instead of just having 2nd pc for kanna mule.

    Maple tour is quite horrible content and the 2 free entries/day isn't really enough. Those should be like old monster park, get tickets from monsters and no limits on entries/day.

    Increasing spawn to frenzy lvl on all maps wouldn't really be that great idea. Botters would take advantage of it and when empty maps are generating more monsters it causes server lag. Would be nice to have little bit longer fury/wild totems and have them as rewards from events.
    Those philo/marvel only items are bit gamebreaking anyways (frenzy,BoD,RoT,fs,broid...) They shouldn't have added those to game in the 1st place but it's a little bit too late to change them now since the ones who have them are the ones who are giving nx most profit and making them angry wouldn't be good idea.

    Atleast 1 thing nx should avoid is those classical daily quests. They are just boring.
  • ApocalyptianApocalyptian
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    I hate to tell you but it's all about that $$$ with them. Been that way for years. They keep nerfing the fun classes and not boosting what they need to.
    I can say at least I'm happy they fixed the guild problems with always having "???" right after people logged off. That drove me up the wall! Only thing is I wish they could have made more slots to expand guilds past 200 characters (Perhaps they already have...I'm not sure). They need to bring back the old party dynamic. This grinding on your own junk is so boring it makes grinding painful. And need I remind you how they screwed bishops? They nerfed our hs and barely anyone is a Bishop anymore. No one could have seen that one coming since we been one of the most popular classes all throughout the years. Explorers need a huge balancing overhaul done. Thier crazy new classes are too powerful. It all started with us...wouldn't it be nice to keep us at least close to the power the others have?
    Also bring back the old maps in Victoria Island even if it's just an extra portal. Henesys Hunting Grounds was the best. Sure at 231 it wouldn't make a bit of difference to grind snails but being able to hang out and poke stuff was always fun. The added pigs on top that threw you off after a few hours of sitting was just adding to the hilarity.
    I don't know though, my time of throwing money at this game is over. It gets to that point you realize they won't ever change and it's always going to be about them chosing money (or potential money) over thier clientele. Sad but true.
  • KevinZamoraKevinZamora
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    man ... maplestory is dead ... don't deny ... in this new patch anna the great producer ..... and her ideas, she only favored whales .. streamers with power .. people who have everything to go and negotiate be money, runs to bosses by teams ... more investment ... nexon is not interested ... the progression has fallen enormously in the game more to server REBOOT, people or new players watch and watch ... WOW this server is OP! It is full ... but they do not know that these channels are bug, crashed and with an immensity of botters (there is instability and the nerfe that did not work in the end) the post above is happy for the guild fix. Nexon is not interested in that ... that was easy ... they never fixed or updated it ... Adele's patch was perfect to shut the mouth of many people in the same problems as we always see in the juice for years but wow EL TERA, ADELE, 30 CHAN! oh ... summer just ... with that only one company brainwashes you, if nexon made changes like in the nerf, cubes untradeables, fury totems other things against the player, because many were returning, LITERALLY they were going to abysm and her ridiculous memos, but they thought more, we freed adele, we gave people what they want their shop rise and voila and we keep making money and nothing happened here $$$,

    your suggestions are good but you cannot go back, it is a game of money and botters and people that with money can now trade frenzy totemz, fs, etc and runs x money, be it noob or good player