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KANNA- NIghtghost Guide and Kish

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edited June 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill not functioning correctly

Brief bug summary: NIghtghost Guide procc'ed by Tengu Strike is not extending the duration of Kishin Shoukan even though the skill description says that Kishin Shoukan's duration will be extended by 5 seconds everytime Nightghost Guide activates.

More details:
at 0:49 kish expires but i didn't notice (30 sec from base skill + 10%(3sec) longer from lvl 200 corsair) .
Basically Nightghost guide did not extend the duration of Kishin Shoukan at all, not even once.
The other summons used in the video are just to maintain the spawn in that area so we can observe KIshin Shoukan on the same screen, It does not affect anything as Kishin Shoukan's duration is not increased at all even with the summons(they don't activate Nightghost guide anyway).
From further testing all summons will activate nightghost guide if the character is close to the summons when they defeat mobs. despite this KIshin Shoukan's duration is never increased

Steps to reproduce: Use Kishin Shoukan, cast Tengu Strike, Select Battle tab of Chat to see NIghtghost Guide activations , notice that Kishin Shoukan's duration is not extended at all.

Jump and use one of above mentioned skills.

Character name: IlikeFoxes

Character level: 247

Character job: Kanna

World name: Reboot