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Plans for continuing MapleStory videos and more!

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Hey all! I am back to posting videos on ST Gaming but I have some good news and bad news.
The Bad News:
Even though I am posting again, it is for other games at the moment like Dark Souls Remastered or CoD Mobile; the videos are mostly on CoD Mobile because of the tournament season. However, once the tournament ends (or I fall out of one of the stages (again...)), whichever is first, I plan on refocusing to different games. This brings me to my second bit of bad news, I cannot jump into MapleStory right away. I want to jump into MapleStory right away but, due to issues in recent times I fled to the countryside. In doing so, I was unable to bring my gaming computer or external monitor which means I can do nothing until I return.
The Good News:
I AM RETURNING TO MAPLESTORY! Well, eventually... To celebrate the occasion, when it happens, I am going to create a small team and (unlike in the journey in pensair series (we can now reach level 275 so I need to edit the title... thank you Nexon..., but it gave us the black mage so... I like that.)) ST Gaming is also recruiting members. The only requirement is that you be 18 years of age or older as all our current members are. We accept anyone for any game. Additionally, since I have not been on MapleStory for so long, my next new character will be as hard core as a free to play player can make, there will be no armor restrictions and I can make better videos with more details and visuals! Additionally, I am going to gradually shift into MapleStory Mobile and post more frequently for it until I can return to MapleStory itself.
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