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More tradability for Marvel Rewards

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Simple as the title make more of the marvel prize pool tradable.

It would be preferable if ALL marvel rewards were tradable but we could start by improving some of the rewards.

-Transparent equips are generally not useful beyond the first one you receive. What are we supposed to do with five transparent gloves? Let these be tradable.

-Royal face and hair coupons are great and maybe we will use hundreds of them over 2 years but these would be really great as tradable items.

-Cubes you may want to keep untradable but they were bought with prepaid nx so I don't see any harm in making them tradable.

-Things like 2x drop and exp (cash coupon) might be difficult to make tradable since you'd need to make a usable box and so on... still would be great if you can.

-We're about to get tradable 50% exp boosts (mvp atmosphere equivalent) from the MVP renewal... you could therefore easily justify having tradable 2x exp and 2x drop use buffs from marvel.