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Question seen Celestial surge

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EXP buff and stacks will be kept even when you log out. This is written in the info on newspage about Celestial Surge . Ofcourse I never planned to log out but I had an emergency going on suddenly after I been working on the Surge and when I had all 50 x used up , so had to go and seen this said I did log off , but to my surpise the Bar was still there but the picture / tab we call it from the stacked buffs was just gone ?
This means you shouldn't log off or have the even worse occuring that you dc else u loose all stacked buffs ?
I knew I shouldn;t go to flagrace already thanks to a hint from a guildie [ this will cause u loose the stacks ] , so also not using the portal for Polo & Fritto while leveling since not wanna risk I loose that expstack then aswell .
Hope someone can give me some explaining on why the log out not saves the exp stack at all atm .