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Celestial Festival Bug cannot select new skill

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edited September 2020 in Bug Reporting
World = Reboot
Character = ketarah lvl 260 db
9.9.20 6.30 am pdt

I cannot pick a new weekly event with celestial festival after the reset on 9.9.20.
When i open the "celestial festival overview" my screen shows celestial surge active and the other two blacked out. . celestial surge is what i picked last week, but there is no counter on the top of the screen. I also still get the "there are either no monsters..." message when i'm not on a map with mobs. I've tried restarting client twice, logging with different characters but its still the same.[img][/img]
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  • NeospectorNeospector
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    edited September 2020
    You need to accept the quest "Choose Your Adventure" located under the Celestial Festival banner icon, in the star tab. You'll then be given the option to select your new skill.
  • thekenturahthekenturah
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    The problem was the "choose your adventure" quest was not appearing. I think I figured out what happened though I do not know why. I submitted a ticket about it but here is what I did. I was logged in overnight on a character (mercedes ketmorexp) that had not done the 5 prequests located in the event map. The quest "choose your adventure" did not appear when i relogged the mercedes this morning before training. I went to the event map on the mercedes and accepted all the quests. I restarted the client and logged the same character. Still no quest. I logged my db ketarah who had completed the prequests originally, still no choose your adventure quest. All this time the message that appears in chat about "there are either no monsters..." was appearing as if i still had celestial surge selected and that is what was showing in the adventure selection window. I submitted a ticket and went back to the mercedes to train it anyway. The celestial surge bar on the top of the screen now appeared and worked normally. I never selected the celestial surge option as the quest never appeared. I'm okay with this since I was going to select it anyway. Hope this information might be helpful if anyone else has this issue.