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Better announcements for maintenance

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I had a real bad experience with the unplanned maintenance a few days ago where they gave us less than 24hr notice and insurance that it would not affect servers outside of burning world. Na reboot crashed and I lost my surge buff totem and exp buff etc. Usual nexon scam they say one thing but really can't take their words seriously. Maybe if we were given days not hours of notice we could plan around the maintenance. And the most other announcements are like 24hr notice which is better but it can't be hard to give a few days notice.


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Doesn't matter how much notice they give, someone will still have some reason for which they were unaware of it and "nexon should give more notice".

    Also, you're asking for prior notice on an unscheduled maintenance. Do you see the logical failing here or would you like me to go into more detail?