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locked in a map

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edited September 18 in Bug Reporting
I made a new character in the burning world/server, the new warrior "Adele" and after the intro of the city, it moved me to this map with no exit portal or any option to get out and continue. so basically I'm locked down on the map.

char name: Novolf
char level: 10
Character job: Adele
World name: Burning
Date and time of the incident: 09/18/2020 7:30 pst
Photo URL: https://ibb.co/JF7GhFb


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    edited September 18
    The burning world event itself ended after the maintenance yesterday, the only option available is to transfer existing level 150 characters to regular servers.

    You should delete this character, and recreate it in a normal world. If you're looking for a burning event to level your Adele, you'll have to wait for the next event
  • loler6kloler6k
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    thank you.