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Asking the Maple Community - Controller Working?

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So my Xbox controller hasn't been working with Maplestory ever since the Burning Servers update was introduced a few months ago. Many other people had this same problem and posted in the forums. I made a previous post about it on the forums here as well and it wasn't addressed by any admin. I sent in a ticket to support and after going through numerous steps and back and forth, the GM said they would look into it on their end. That was almost a month ago. I was hoping after the update yesterday, this would be fixed and I could play Maplestory with my Xbox controller again....but no... still not working and there was no mention of this in the update details. One of the reasons I came back to Maplestory in the first place was because I could play using my Xbox controller.

My question is for everyone who uses a controller to play. Are you having this problem as well? If it's just me, then that's fine. But if it's everyone, then we need to let Nexon know because I doubt just one person is going to get them to do anything.