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New Magic Wagon bug.

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edited September 2020 in Bug Reporting
I bought 10 Restocks after they "Fixed" the issue. I unlocked the chance to get Premium Boxes appearing on my Wagon and it did. I added 30k NX onto my account so I could purchase them and the greatest thing happened. The sale price isn't real...

The Premium Surprise Boxes normally cost 34K, Sale price is 26,180. I have 30k on my account that I added specifically to buy them and It's not letting me buy them as it's acting like they're normal price and not on sale. There is a chance other items will also have this issue. So I recommend against buying any Restocks if you're aiming for higher tier items, I'm now out $35 and 5k NX for literally nothing. The best part is Paid Restock count resets each day, Meaning my ability to buy the Boxes ends in 5hrs when it auto restocks, My chance to receive the boxes again is slowly going to end for each Hour that passes and will be gone when daily reset hits, The chance a GM actually reads my Request within 1day is next to impossible.

TLDR, Magic Wagon is still broken and can now Scam You (Nice Fix btw)