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Collectible Items in Reboot

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So a few months ago Nexon removed some collectible items from monsters drop, quests, or NPC craft. For example, Korean Fan (dagger), Tiger Paw (claw), Yellow Adventurer Cape (from Showa Trade Quest), Facestrompers shoes from NLC NPC, Terminus weapon from ''The Boss'' in Showa, etc.

Some people and I have investigated and devoted many hours to find where we could find these items. When you send a ticket to Nexon Customer Service, they will tell you that they cannot give information on where to get such items.

The thing is if they don't tell us if the items are still obtainable in a way or another in-game, then we might be wasting our time trying to find them - In case Nexon had purely removed them.

Does anyone know what is Nexon trying to do right now with collectible items in Reboot? Did they change which mobs/quests they come from, or did they simply removed them? What's the goal of doing so? Will they bring them back later?


  • YacyYacy
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    Also, I remembered that Nexon has also removed the old Regular Hairs. They changed the Regular and VIP hair coupons by Hair Choice coupons. I am not sure if it has to do anything with this, but I am just putting this here in case.