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Server Stability post-familiars

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I'm not here to argue the balance of familiars, because that's a debate I'd rather not get into. I want to discuss and apparently bring to the attention (this has been happening for months now) to Nexon about how playing Maplestory has been ever since the patch in April releasing familiars.

TL;DR ever since familiars have come back out this game has been unstable and playing it has been a demotivating mess of frustration.

I'm sure most people in Aurora (my server) can attest to how completely awful this game has been ever since the Familiar Patch (April). Inputs being lost, flag race portals not working, GPQ lag (has been alleviated somewhat, but not for classes that have bad interactions with Shade's soul split) and bosses healing.

Flag Race:

Flag race has been a frustrating experience at best as someone who tries to run everyday for his guild. Portals are slow to register people entering and shoe switching is a waste of effort.


Using any sort of buff familiar is a death wish half the time, your inputs will get ignored similar to auto pet heal. This also happens with buffs that gives speed, jump, drop rate and mana restoration.

Boss healing?

A lot of Black Mage runners and people who run Will have noticed that either the boss will 'heal' (suspected to be the server not registering the damage in time and restoring it to a previous point it has saved) or phase 1 checks/test will not start. Again, only an issue after familiars were introduced. The familiars are not the direct cause but they do contribute to it significantly, it's again most likely due to the poor server stability. (Not limited to Aurora)

Tower of Oz

Any sort of stage that requires simply killing mobs is rough, you freeze constantly and if you try to run as a group enjoy your Microsoft PowerPoint sanctioned slideshow.

Wild Hunter/Shade Split

Wild Hunter's most infamous asset is the lag it causes their teammates. If you don't crash after using your skills too quickly, you lag your entire team and/or crash them instead. Wild Hunter burst lag has been an issue well before familiars, but it's only been amplified by the servers recent instability.

As a personal note, as a Wild Hunter player myself, nothing is worse than not being able to boss with your friends because nobody is able to happily boss when they're freezing constantly.

Is this only an issue with Aurora? Or are other servers experiencing similar things?