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Pet Label Ring & Quote Ring still not working

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edited November 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Cash Item, functionality

Brief bug summary:
Pet Label & Quote Rings don't work as pet equipment

More details:
These items used to be special pet rings that worked to change the pet's name or bubble frame. These items' slots have been removed at some point, no idea when, but the items were not changed properly into pet equipment accordingly. However, they are still obtainable from certain NX surprise boxes (even despite being basically useless).
There are two issues with these items: they cannot be worn and they cannot be scrolled.
I tried to equip a Pet Quote Ring with two eligible pets (Cake and Black Dragon), but it says I don't have any pet that can wear the item.
I tried to transfer stats onto it from a 41 w.att accessory, even though the ring has no slots. However, when using the Pet Equipment Stat Transfer scroll, the pet ring reacts in a curious way: it can indeed be dragged into the scroll UI, so it is considered as a pet equipment (if you try dragging a different kind of item, an error says you cannot use the item with that scroll), but the moment you add the other pet equipment to move stats from (in my case, a 41 w.att Bean's Headset), the scroll UI immediately closes with the message "Try again later".

Worth mentioning:
I reported this issue almost a year ago, but it has not been fixed or probably even looked into, as it has never been included in the "known issues" list. It's just being ignored, not only on my report, but generally since 2016 (more details below).
I even tried suggesting some possible solutions, such as changing them into fitting the "pet equipment" slot (probably they still try reaching the "pet ring" slot that no longer exists), adding slots to the ring, or creating brand new, identical and working items to replace the currently existing ones.

Steps to reproduce:
Item use-ability: you need to try equipping the items with any of the pets that are supposed to wear the items, these pets are specified in the item's description.
Item scroll-ability: you need to try using the Pet Equipment Stat Transfer scroll that was given out with some event shops in the past.

Character name:

Character level:

Character job:
Dark knight

World name:

Date and time of the incident:
January 10th 2020 ongoing, but it has been a thing for years (the following links are reports of the same bug back in Nov/Dec 2016 (!!!))