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+1 Passive Skill Increase Strikeforce Showdown

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edited November 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug Type: Gameplay

Brief bug summary: Jett's 4th job passive skill Strikeforce Showdown is not increased past the max level by the inner ability +1 Passive Skill Increase.

More details:
Strikeforce Showdown is a passive skill not increased by +1 Passive Skill increase inner ability past the Master Level. It is however affected by Combat Orders past the Master Level, and should work in combination with this Inner Ability. According to the StrategyWiki, passives and passive skills with active effects are affected by this Inner Ability, but not this skill.

Steps to reproduce: Attain level 10 Strike Force Showdown and +1 Passive Skills Increase Inner Ability.

Character name: Affects any Jett

Date and time of the incident: Ongoing