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Better System for Controller Support?

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Suggestion: *OK before I get to the actual suggestion, I think I need to leave a disclaimer here, this suggestion is intended to offer a possible solution to make controller support better and is not a discussion about external programs that break the rules of this game.* Anyway this is my suggestion, I believe the in-game controller system works so poorly that it should be replaced entirely. What I want it to be replaced with is an external controller remapping program that is officially developed by and supported by Nexon, because it would be a specific program, there are ways that it could be checked by the anti-cheat system, or some other system of Nexon to make sure it was not modified in any way.

Because it would be developed by Nexon, they could make sure the delays between keybinds could either not be changed, or only set to values that are actually possible for a human. I think it would also have to have different rules than the current in-game key macro system (such as not having that thing where every single attack skill in the game that has even the slightest cooldown cannot be added to the in-game macro system), because of the fact that controllers have much less buttons, and let's face it, no one wants to have to press the L3 and R3 analog sticks. Like for example a class that has multiple skills that must be chained together to perform a combo, should be able to do all of them without having to click the analog sticks because of lack of buttons.

Why this Suggestion?: While controllers work perfectly fine for some classes in this game, there are reasons why being able to bind any controller button to a keyboard button (or buttons if it's a combo of skills), would be helpful. The system we have now only lets you bind the controller buttons to very specific keyboard buttons, meaning if you want to press the start button to open the menu you would have to bind the menu to one of your buttons that would normally be used for attacks, which is really bad for classes that need to manually chain skills together. There is also another issue where the current controller system often detects a press of the button as if the button is being held down, which completely breaks certain skills such as illium's flight from jumping (which I've reported as a bug multiple times without any response), Zero's attacks, and probably more similar problems I haven't thought of.

Considering some of these problems have been going on so long with the current controller system in the game I assume it's due to some limitation in the game that only an external program could get around.

Other Notes: I know many people have gotten used to playing this game with keyboard and mouse, but this is partially because of how poorly the controller support in this game works. Of course they would stick with the keyboard because it performs the skills correctly and actually has enough buttons to bind pretty much any action in this game. I believe GMS is one of the only versions of MapleStory that supports controllers at all, but if it's going to exist it should at least actually work properly. Even if you want to stick with keyboard and mouse, wouldn't it at least be nice to have another actually viable option?


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    A better controller support system would be lovely, the current one is barely functional. The last time I tried it the buttons on the configuration matched to the positions shown in the hot-swap bar in a weird, unintuitive way, instead of the actual button labels.

    On another note, if one was using the Steam version of the game, is it possible to use Steam Big Picture mode's controller mapping for proper, non-ToS breaking controller mapping in the meantime? Obviously, there are other ways to solve this on the user end as well, but afaik Nexon doesn't take the discussion about 3rd party software too kindly. I even recall rumours about people getting banned over non-Maple related AHK scripts at some point, but that should be taken with a grain of salt.