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Legion Arena

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The first season of Legion Arena and here are my thoughts on this.

The matchmaking system
I think the matchmaking system is pretty bad. Around the top 30% you will get only players that have actually have two characters above level 230 and the rest are 210. I have been thinking about the matchmaking system. Take the average level of the player team and let him/her compete someone with almost the same average level.

Some classes
I have the feeling that the attack pattern of some classes are always the same. Take kanna for example. This class is always hitting the main character. Or beast tamer. They are attacking the main character for a bit, not completely killing them, and then kind of AoE the rest of them. So this arena doesn't feel random at all. What it supposed to be in my opinion.

Synergy effect
There are some synergy effects that are broken and some are not performing very well. I don't know all the synergy effects but these are need to rework on for the next legion arena.
Invincible for 10 sec when an explorer is played. This one is pretty broken because 10 sec is very long and it will destroy some attack patterns of some classes. So for example if a class is attacking that specific supporter first than you basically lost the match. This one need to be lowered to 7 or 8 sec.
I don't know what you need to place for this one. The synergy is when you place ... your ally will heal 1 more. This healing is so low at classes that are doing so much damage. My suggestion up the healing a little bit.
Maybe there are more synergy effects that are broken or under performing but these things are actually standing out for me.

Legion Arena overall
I like the Legion Arena is great concept. It is something different and good way for the reboot people to get 2x coupons. So nexon, please consider a season 2 of this, but with some changes.

If you took the time to read my opinions, I would like to thank you for time.


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    Currently, you are matched against players who are present at the same time as opposed to being paired against an "AI" playing teams of the same rank. Meaning you will fight the same person over and over until the weaker player is ranked down. This only creates frustration and allows exploits where players can use a second account to give themselves free wins during periods of low activity.
    It also encourages players to win many games early while weaker players are still trying and then never play it again to maintain a good position.

    Class balance
    There's such a difference between classes that some can win against characters with 50% more legion power.
    This makes the Supporter Bonuses obsolete and forces players to use the same 3-4 classes to stand a chance.

    Random targets
    Even when two characters of the same exact class and Legion Power are paired against one another, it is possible for one to lose so badly that the opponent may still have most of his health left.
    This is partly due to supporters being useless but mostly due to targeting order. If you are unlucky and your character targets a supporter while the opponent targets your character, you will need a miracle to stand a chance.

    The Synergy/Supporter Bonus system was most likely meant to encourage players to use different classes that matched different supporters.
    These bonuses were so irrelevant that some classes would easily win despite having less Legion Power and no supporter bonuses against an opponent with all three bonuses at once.
    Increasing the effectiveness of those bonuses and removing the gap between classes would reward players for leveling a diverse cast of characters and make what little interaction there is exponentially more meaningful.

    Relation to Legion
    Despite being tied to Legion( in name only), it rewards players for focusing on 3 or 4 characters and hurts players who worked on their Legion instead.
    Balancing Supporter bonuses and classes would help greatly but another way to tie the Arena to the Legion system would be to give players a buff for every Legion Rank they achieved.
    For instance, a player with a Legion rank of "Renowned Legion Rank I (3000+)" could have a 5% damage or HP increase while a player with "Legendary Legion Rank I (8000+)" could have a 15% damage increase.

    In it's current form, Legion Arena is just a game of dice where a roll takes five whole minutes and some classes always land on six.
    In terms of quality of life changes, a Surrender button as mentioned above would be great.
    Playing the fight at twice the speed would also be great since there is nothing the players can do anyway.

    Great concept, great rewards but a painful and boring execution.