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Ban for being Demon Slayer

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in General Chat

I started playing for 15 years or so, time that I have dedicated to my main character and all the supporting characters, all the growth of my account was due to time and effort, and from lvl 240 to 249 I started training by hiring Frenzy Totem, and it was easy for me to start playing using the macro inventory, since a demon skill allowed to play practically using only one button, and it turns out that I was banned for using third-party applications or that was the response of the GM, send ticket and even so the decision is final, it was a ban for an error of the same game and appealing the use of a program as support, who in his right mind would use a program just to press a button. If this game mode is punishable by telling me, but not saying it was for using third-party programs, I never did.