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Damage Skin Storage Slot max is 35 instead of 36

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Edit: As this supposed change has been redacted, I have placed this as a Suggestion/Request in the appropriate subforum.
Bug Type: Storage/Inventory

Brief Bug Summary: Damage Skin Storage Slots meant to be 36 but are still 35.

More Details:
The v.218 Patch Notes stated:
Maximum number of damage skins that can be saved on the Damage Skin slots have been changed to 36.
This change was to be brought over from the same relative KMS update:
The maximum number of Damage Skin Storage slots has been increased to 36.
However, the change was not applied and the Damage Skin Storage Slot max has remained 35 instead of 36:
All other versions to my knowledge have the max of 36 but GMS.

Character Name: MegaScience

Character Level: 250

Character Job: Shadower

World Name: Aurora

Date and Time of the Incident: November 18, 2020
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